Monday, May 28, 2012

YAY and a YIPPEE!!!


 I have a desktop!  


Half of the room is now painted, although the color is off in this photo…early evening shot.  It’s the same tan color I had in the “old house”.  That’s 96” x 32” of work space, enough to hold my sewing machine AND serger.  Why yes, that wall DOES look rather empty.  No worries…Brawny Man has plans to build in a white book case from the top of the desk to the ceiling to hold all of my art treasures from all of my beloved sisterfriends.




Sherry said...

Looks great!! Nice to have things coming together --- and so organized too!

martinealison said...

Merci pour ce partage photographique...
Gros bisous à vous

audrey said...

Oh, Deb, you must be so excited to have this area to work in. I am jealous - it is SO neat!!!! My work area is a disaster. Maybe I need to move and start from scratch. LOL!!
Eager to see those shelves when Brawny Man finishes. It will be great!!!!
♥ audrey

~Babs said...

I'm so excited for you.
Work space and a treasure holder too,,,wow. ☺
Big thumbs up!!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I am so happy for you...we all need out special space!

yoborobo said...

I have 'clear space' envy. It is GORGEOUS. And you'll have shelves, too? Awesome, my friend. :) xox

Unspoken said...

I like it and those shelves will be fabulous!

Ces Adorio said...

Oh my. I think I need to clean my desk right now! So happy for you deb. Oh look at that elephant running with that ballerina. Heheheh! I love you. TSUP!

kj said...

will it stay this neat? i have a feeling it will...

yay and yippee say it all: a room of one's own.

happy happy for you ♥

Carousel Dreams said...

Yay and Yipeeeeee! What a great space to work in, and I can just see it with the new shelves! How lovely of you to pop by - you truly are a sweetheart (you have always been one of my faves xxx)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

There is nothing nicer/better/more celebratory than FINALLY getting a workspace in place!
Beautiful Oh Blond One~~and yes, I bet it will stay pretty organized!
Now I am feeling a bit of guilt for *my* computer space that sort of looks like it has disintegrated into scrap-paper-bedlam again.
Ah well, there will be another day to deal with that.
Right now it's YAYS and YIPPEEEEEES for Deb!


Unknown said...

Suh-weet!!!And the bookshelves will be even better.Maybe you could give a tutorial on how to keep a desk top so neat...?
And thank you tons for your sweet comments.

illustration poetry said...

jealous!!!!! :))))
i don't have work space... i draw on the dining table, haha poor me x(