Monday, June 4, 2012

Breakfast Treats


Most mornings, The Brawny Man enjoys a handful of raisons sprinkled on his oatmeal.


Imagine his surprise as he began to pour in the milk and stir,

and found these little green lovelies sprinkled on the top.

I thought his teeth were looking rather white!


It seems that when Bad Alice and her Mad Hatter were over they treated the kitties and moved things around in the cupboard…


Regarding the problem page….

Although there is an obvious problem with it, with my votes bouncing up and down, I have faith that TRUTH will prevail.  If you do too, keep voting.

Let’s let the IT guy figure it out.




Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

If Brawny Man starts sprouting a tail, and extra prominent might be time for a trip to the vet... ;-D
What a HOOT!
Was ROFL when the second pic loaded!


Just A Girl said...

Eeewww!!! Kitty crunchies, bet that gave Brawny Man a startle..hee! Het Deb, I (as in "me") tried voting this morn and it wouldn't let me. Ggrrhhh to that other person who was cheating. oh well, the Lord is faithful and He will make a way!!! Kisses Beloved Blonde One!! Me or she or that one too "-)

martinealison said...

Les fruits secs sont excellents pour le manque de potassium...
gros bisous

Ces Adorio said...

I llove reading about Alice's and Madhatter's mischievous ways!

~Babs said...

Oh, that Alice,,,,such a jokester!
Toooooo funny!

It's not letting me vote any more either,,,but never fear, (and I know that you don't) there always is a way.
The closing of a door, etc.

kj said...

did they crunch?

i voted today somehow. but tell me when and i'll start again.

i know it will work out. and last night, you were ahead by what? 210 votes or something like that.

:enjoy xo
kj said...

Oh my gooooodnessss, tee heeee!!! Temptations indeed, eeeks! ;)