Friday, June 8, 2012



Feeling stuck?

Happy Weekend!!!



Sherry said...

Oh how lovely....just made me smile ear to ear!! Have a lovely weekend Deb!

Ces Adorio said...

Just a quick hello. I am so busy and stuck here too but my goodness! She is growing up sooooooooo fast! Lovely Friday to you dearest Deborah. Tsup!

Georgina said...

Oh Deb, now that's just too precious!! Have a wonderful weekend, my lovely friend.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Deb, I am stuck as usual; I'm just hoping no one sees *that angle* of me, as it's CUTE when one is LITTLE!!! (and your photo oozes CUTE!) At my age, well, it's a little frightening....LOL!
Stuck with the cold, but have all faith that things will go okay!
God is good my friend.


~Babs said...

Sooooooooo adorable!
Wondering what she was after,,,precious babygirl!

Unspoken said...

That's a darling little bum bum shot! (Jane and I refer to our bottoms as a bum bum :) No, I actually feel free and sights of baby explorers always make me feel a little less stuck and a little happier. Such a little adventurer you have there. Enjoy!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Love that big little baby butt!!!

kj said...

this child can obviously balance! i'd say that is a very good sign :^)

she is surely a cutie patootie


Unknown said...

hahahahhaha!!!! this is so cute!!! what a fun photo!!! I had a wonderful weekend and today I am beat!!! so tired and so busy ....but after my work is done...a nap will be in order!!!! said...

Teeheee ;) Beyond cute, again!!

Once I was sitting on the toilet one of my first times.

You see, I decided one day I had had it with the diaper. Somehow I foggily recall the whole thing.

I refused the nasty thing. I was still a babe.

So, as a wee wee lass, I took it off, and used my potty training plastic toilet to hoist myself onto the big girl toilet.

Of course, I fell in bottom first, arms and legs flailing about.

Luckily Mammie found me quick.

But I told her, I am done with those things (diapers). Even though I was just a baby.

I talked too young I hear.

And I walked to young for sure too, I hear.

I even figured out how to escape my playpen, by biting a hole in the mesh, sticking a toe into the hole and climging out somehow.

I also climbed out of my crib all the time.

And when I was 15 I learned how to escape out of the window too. Okay, 13.

My poor parents.

No wonder they are happy to see me under Mister Lovee's care now, haha!!

I just love this shot!!