Thursday, August 2, 2012

All Is Well



The moon rose over my little patch of earth and said

All your silly little worries aren’t gonna’ change a thing.

I’ll meet you here again tomorrow morning,

same time, same place.

Wear a grateful smile. 


Repost from two years ago…over one year before The Diagnosis.  Curious how thoughts can remain relevant, as if they were sent to hold on to, to be tucked away for a future lesson.

Brawny Man/Lung Warrior’s scan came back with no change.  No shrinkage of the tumors in the lung, but no growth either.  The plan is to continue on the Trial Drug Study  

A7471009 - A Randomized Double Blind Phase 3 Efficacy and Safety Study of PF-00299804 Versus Erlotinib for the Treatment of Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Following Progression After, or Intolerance to, at Least One Prior Chemotherapy.

until the tumors begin to grow again.   In our case it is progression after two prior chemotherapy drugs.

For now, we have decided to focus on “no growth” and

Wear a grateful smile.

**blows kisses**





Sherry said...

What a beautiful attitude the two of you focus on the "no growth" and to continue on. Sending you love, hugs and all my positive thoughts and prayers! ♥

Unspoken said...

Isn't it a relief when we realize all our worrying never changes a thing. Finally we can let go. Holding you both in my heart and thoughts. Gratitude is a gift that soothes my days so often. You have such a beautiful spirit and approach to life, Deb.

audrey said...

"No growth" is good, Deb.
Sending love, hugs, prayers, and hope to you and Brawny Man.
♥ audrey

kj said...

nothing is 100% in medicine. this might be called miracles or atypical findings. it is my hope and prayer that no growth means no growth!!

you are an amazing woman. the way you approach this is its own secret sacred treatment plan

best wishes with love

~Babs said...

Aaah, yes the lesson that our worry changes nothing. How often I need reminding.
No growth is such a positive, thank you, God!
And as kj says, your approach is sacred in and of itself.
Divine intervention of the heart.
XO ♥

kj said...

divine intervention of the heart.

that is so great.


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Grateful smiles to you and your man...

Silke Powers said...

You all are so much in my thoughts, dear Deb!! Sending much, much love and hope and healing! Silke

Wine and Words said...

If your names for him could wield swords, they would cut that cancer right out. Powerful names. Healing names. Strength giving names, and so loving.