Saturday, September 22, 2012

Out of the Darkness


I had fallen far,
Far into the darkness
Where human spirit could not reach me,
Where I alone exist.
And when I no longer could bear the pain alone,
I cried out in the darkness
to a God unknown.
The One I left behind
In all my foolish pride,
the One I turned my back to,
the One from whom I'd hide
Now gave Himself to me
And said "I set you free.
I forgive throughout all ages.
What once was sin
Are now blank pages.
I see a child, in pain, alone.
I'll pull you close
and lead you home."

How good it is to be in The Light again.




Ces Adorio said...

Aaaaawwwww. I have been so selfish and occupied. I am so sorry about the darkness but joyful that you are back in the light. Life is so hard.

Sherry said...

Beautiful, evocative verse.

And the quote...oh yes. So many times we need someone else's light to bring us forward...just as our light will do that for someone else.

Have a lovely weekend my beautiful friend. xo

Ces Adorio said...

I think that if Renee was here she would shed a tear just because she never liked seeing someone she loved sad but she would also say those words that would make you chcukle like s*** and f*** and Har har had. She loved you very dearly. She told me so. Tsup!

yoborobo said...

Deb, I am holding your hand from all the way here in Maryland. No words of wisdom, just hugs and a wish that I could drop by and help out. xox pam

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I once read a quotation which said that God is found in the abyss, not on the mountaintop. I think that's true. I'm glad it was true for you.

Wendy said...

God bless you Deb.

kj said...

you are an amazing woman, deb, and what you carry is not easy. personally i also think it's not fair.

i think we are alone and not alone. the only thing i know to say is that there is a destination. i wish i could drop by and help out too. i would bring scones.


~Babs said...

Sending one little candle from Texas to add to your light from above. ♥

I've been unable to access blogs, but I'm back now and answered your questions about Natalie at my blog.
I love knowing that your prayers continue,,,as do mine for you.
Thank you Deb, and thank you God for Deb, and Brawny Man, and Natalie.

audrey said...

Sweet Deb, our goal in this life should be to keep everyone we love from EVER being alone and in the darkness. If I can EVER say one word or do one deed to help you never close your eyes to the light again, please reach out to me or to any one of your many friends who love you too much to see you in the pain of darkness.
Sending love and love and more love.
audrey ♥

kj said...

Only you will understand: hahahaha! you add to my day. ha! No sappy for us!


Anonymous said...

I came here from options for a better world because I liked the comment you left. I'm glad I did.

kj said...

Now I know where to look!

(Hello deb#2. Nice to see you here too)


Just A Girl said...

Dearest Deb,
It is true that in the darkness He can be found. He is that light that illuminates in our hearts and turns our sorrow into dancing. You and Brawny Man are traveling down a dark road, but you are not on that path alone. He is there beside you to encourage and support you and when your legs and heart are weary, He will pick you up and carry you in His arms. Isn't it good to belong to the King of Kings??
I love you Deb and carry you both/all in my heart and prayers.