Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One Day


Pretty much says it all.

Light fills darkness.



Sherry said...

Yes my dear, light does fill darkness. xo

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Songs like this that lift the human spirit are so needed in times like these.

kj said...

sometimes the light shines because of the brave acts of people helping people. that is what's happened in boston, my home town. but it gets harder and harder to ignore the darkness. too much violence. too much.

we can't expect peace if we don't find a way to live in peace. not just in our beloved USA but throughout the world.

and, at least i know it starts with me.

thanks for a needed uplift, deb


Unknown said...

The only way to fight the dark is to fill it with light.

Deborah said...

K.J. this was posted FOR Boston, because of Boston. I cannot express how greatly that horrid, evil event effected me. The senselessness of it. The evilness of the smirks on the evil ones. I never want to see their faces again. I want see the survivors, the heroes, the lost. And honor them by doing everything in love. ♥♥♥