Thursday, May 30, 2013

Please Step Away from the Bell Jar



I swear (not very often, and when I do, it is usually inspired by Renee) that the cats purposely sit, even drape themselves around The Bell Jar just to torment me.

Brawny Man bought it for me when his Mother passed into eternity, so it has great sentimental value.  It also was quite pricey and never again will I be able to spend so frivolously, so this phrase is repeated constantly throughout the day, more of a prayer, perhaps a repeating Novena, begging

P l e a s e  step away from The Bell Jar.

On a happy note


I have been busy editing and printing

Wedding Pictures

(yes, from October.  Don’t judge)

and working on a collage going down the staircase from the living room.   This is just the beginning.  In the Teeny Tiny Tuscan Townhouse, real estate is at a premium, so I must use all space available to me.  Okay, the truth is, I have always had a problem with blank walls.  And yes that is a Baby Gate, which may look hideous to you, but to me is beautiful, as it keeps my

Baby Cakes


Here’s the picture you cannot see, due to the flash reflection . . .

029 (2)


I don’t want to sound all Pollyanna, for many of us have difficult things going on in life right now, but I do want to encourage you to look for the joy each day.  For me, if I sit with the pain too long, it is as if I am punishing myself, denying all the blessings around me, as if I do not deserve to have joy.

We are all so beautifully broken. 

Everyday Magnet: Let's Put the Fun back in Dysfunctional

Care to join me?



Robin said...

My message to your Furry Adorable One: PLEASE STAY AWAY from that beautiful Bell Jar!

Love your photo collages...I think you have transformed your *tiny home* into a Bonita, Grande Casa! Your Brawny Man must be proud!

As for the Bonita Nina...she is a true Beauty!!! (Just like you.)

Love and More Love,

♥ Robin ♥

Anonymous said...

Oh that bell jar is beautiful!! And yes, to putting the joy into life...sitting with pain only makes it fester and feel worse. I'm with you all the way! Sending love!

Unknown said...

Deb, in our old house we had the hallway completely covered in framed photos. We called it the "Hall of Fame". lol! Now I have them sprinkled around here and there, but they always remind me of what is really important. And Baby Cakes is too cute for words! xox

kj said...

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

i'm here to play. we're in the same sandbox, if i recall correctly :^)

that photo of your bell jar and company is fantastic. oh your kitchen and oh your designs.

and oh your doll of a Baby Cakes. she alone has all the wisdom ever needed about how to live and when to laugh!

nice post, deb,

martinealison said...

Je suis très heureuse de vous retrouver après mon absence... Bien que mon retour se conjugue avec du travail en retard !!...

Une très belle publication... J'aime beaucoup la manière que vous avez avec beaucoup de goût assemblé ces merveilleuses photos.
Gros gros bisous à vous.

Ces Adorio said...

Deb, that cat is living on the edge. That is so much tension! :) Tsup!

Snap said...

How did I miss this post? Probably because I went computer-less 'cause it was birthday time! I giggled when I saw the kit and the bell jar -- been there! Have fun with your photos and the collages .. sweet, sweet memories. Sweet babe!



Carousel Dreams said...

What a beautiful light you are Deb...looking forward to catching up on what's been happening in your life (lots, by the look of it), how long have I been away???