Monday, July 1, 2013

BabyCakes Turns Two


Although, if you ask HER, “Ehren, are you two”?  she will respond

“No.  Five”.


Another Pinterest Success with my pompoms.   I wish there had been

more pastels in the tissue paper package.   I decided against

adding the balloons – Ehren and Jasen were having too much fun

playing with them anyway.

PicMonkey Collage2

The source of all that frosting on The Princess’ face:


I was very pleased with my first attempt at boutique-style

cupcakes.  I went with chocolate instead of white just because I was

in the mood for chocolate!  The cherry in the middle was a

delightful surprise.

The frosting was another Pinterest success.

Pinterest is more than just Digital Hoarding!

Although I do love hoarding that doesn’t take up space.


Yes, she is the kind of Princess who takes off her tiara to

bubble mow the carpet.


For me, one of the best things about the party was seeing my son carry on

family birthday traditions, and wanting his daughter to have

The Best Birthday Ever.

And she did.





Just A Girl said...

Oh it looks like your wee princess had the most marvelous birthday in all her two years of life and your Pinterest hoarding is due finely paying off. Now if I could only start making instead of pinning "-0!
Big kiss, cori

audrey said...

Oh, What a HAPPY HAPPY day ~ the sweet little princess is two!!! I'm thinking perhaps Grandma was the happiest of all. (wink wink)
xxoo audrey

Unknown said...

Well,Happy Birthday,Babycakes! You are the cutest Princess,ever! ....well,you're right up there with the Divine Miss Emma...

Georgina said...

How adorable, Deb. Yes, Pinterest is a dream site and have utilized the little goodies on my boards on several occasions.

You done good, girl! And congrats to that sweet little darlin'...cutie plus!!

Loves ya,

Anonymous said...

SOoooo precious. Love every detail.
Happy birthday to the princess.
Always great visiting with you, Deborah.

kj said...

You, she, he, and she will never forget these birthday parties. Very pastel soft beautiful in every way ( I know: the cake ) :-)

These could be the deepest most wonderful eyes ever...