Saturday, January 13, 2018

2018 ... Here's the Plan

You're so hard on yourself.
Take a moment.
Sit back.
Marvel at your life;
  at the grief that softened you,
  at the heartache that wisened you,
  at the suffering that strengthened you.
Despite everything,
you still grow.
Be proud 
of this. 

P.S.  Please keep smiling.


Kay G. said...

Keep smiling! And take me with you to your hairdresser. You look great!

Wendy said...

It's a tough road, but we have to keep on, and somehow we do grow in spite of ourselves.
We do need to keep smiling or risk going under.

I spend time at my local YMCA. Lots to choose from: gentle toning, yoga, Zumba classes. People all around, great music. I particularly like Aqua aerobics. All that thrashing about in the water, all that movement seems to lift my spirits. I leave the class feeling better. And that's all I can do at the moment to ward off the longing.

Gentle hugs, Deborah

kj said...

I knew it! I knew there would come a day when you could rejoice and be playful again. you deserve all the fun you and your cohort(s) can conjure up . Dance and write, deb. and anything else in between.


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Put on those dancing shoes ♥