Monday, January 26, 2009

Trying To Let Go

I love this picture. It was taken in New York City at a photo booth.
What I love about it is Mommy's smile.
No wonder you still say to her,
"Come here good lookin' and give me a kiss".
Today, when the doctor said that you need to be back in the hospital
you cried. And Mommy wrapped her arms around you and said,
"Oh Baby, it will be alright".
I have had such a wonderful two days with you and Mommy here in my home.
I can't remember when I laughed as much, or cried as much.
You have told me stories I have never heard before...
Stories about your mother.
Stories of how you were raised and felt like you were in the way.
Until you met Mommy.
And you decided what kind of life you wanted to live with her.
You decided what kind of man you wanted to be.
And you built the life of love that you wanted.
You have given me so many wonderful gifts of
words of love.
Of faith.
Yet, I find myself not wanting to let go...
Not wanting this time to end.
I pray for Angels to lead you in,
should that be what God decides.
Please lift me up in prayer, Daddy,
that I conform my heart
to the Will of God.


Kjohnson said...

Debbie- you are so inspirational. I am so thankful to know someone like you. I love the old portraits of your mother and father. What a romance they had. It was nice catching up on Monday. My prayers are with you.
Krystle (your friend, and hairstylist- but friend first)

Renee said...

Beautiful. Too beautiful for any more words.

Love Renee xoxo