Sunday, June 6, 2010

Desert Gardening


Current Temperature is 96 degrees . . . warming up to 110 today.

We had to whip out the umbrellas.

100_3167 The veggies were stir frying!





Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

That's not warming up....that's hotter than you know where!!! ;)
Love the raised beds...very nice!


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Poor stir fried veggies! That is Hot hot hot. I was wilting at 93 here (100 percent humidity).

Hang in there girl!

Kaerie Faerie said...

it is warm here too! 102 today and sticky, feels warmer here away from the beach, although with all the oil coming ashore glad I don't live coastal anymore, it is so sad
But I wish I could grow anything in my sandy yard, you must have green thumbs! I think my hands were just meant for sewing LOL
Oh, thanks for all the sweet comments on my work, and I use paper towels to make clothing patterns and scrap paper for the doll patterns
Have a great weekend

Unspoken said...

It's pouring rain here. I want to move!

Unknown said...

Just remember,it's not the heat-it's the humidity...... is hot.

Unknown said...

oh my heavens!!! I would is one great looking garden Deborah!!! and a stir fry sounds great!!! are so so cute!!!

Have a wonderful day!!! enjoy the heat !!!!hot!!!

Unknown said...

okay, that's a first. I've never seen someone use umbrella's before. You are innovative and nurturing and determined.

and inside with the a.c on I hope?

Bella Sinclair said...

Goodness! I did not know people had veggie gardens in the desert! They look very well cared for in the shade. I bet if they pulled down a little flag, a cabana boy will run up and give them some water, too.

Javajune said...

Your not going to believe this DEb but the low temp here last night was 46, yeah you heard it 46. The high today somehwere in the sixties. Your garden is gorgeous, mine got washed away, well most of it, during a recent flood. I so want to be your neighbor- michigan is really getting on my nerves.
enjoy the heat!

audrey said...

How truly innovative!! Your veggie gardens are fabulous and I'm sure they are very appreciative of the umbrellas in that HEAT!!! I would die, Deborah. I cannot deal with high temps anymore!!
Your yard is beautiful!!!
♥ audrey