Friday, June 4, 2010

Morning Has Broken


Morning has broken, like the first morning
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird
Praise for the singing, praise for the morning
Praise for the springing fresh from the word.

100_3164 Sweet the rain's new fall, sunlit from heaven
Like the first dewfall, on the first grass
Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden
Sprung in completeness where His feet pass.


Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning
Born of the one light, Eden saw play
Praise with elation, praise every morning
God's recreation of the new day.

written by Eleanor Farjeon.


Ces Adorio said...

Good morning!
Good morning!
Good morning!
Happy to see you!
Good morning!
Good morning!
Good morning!
Happy to see you!

These flowers are fanstatsic. I need your hands to turn my sorry garden into alush and colorful landscape, however, I want to report to you that the canyon oaks are happy. Posting pics later.

Have a great day.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Beautiful.....I am coming to steal you speckled cannas! So please close your eyes!!! :D
Your photos always are so lush with color Deb.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

P.S. Ces and I have decided to have a Ladies Scythe Night.
You are invited.....
You don't have to wear chaps....

The Scythe Woman

Unknown said...

Gorgeous flowers!Gorgeous photos! I may have to "relocate" the.....

Lost Aussie said...

Great lyrics for great pictures!

Ces Adorio said...

Do you remember the Canyon Oak acorns you gave me? They are growing. I posted them. Very cute baby leaves.

Bella Sinclair said...

Praise be! Your flowers make my eyes dazzle!

Ces Adorio said...

I adore you too. I adore you because you are a truly good and kind person. You do things for others and do not blow your own trumpet. You do kind acts without telling the whole world about how sorry you are for those you have helped and how your heart bleeds. You have done so much for me you have no idea how grateful I am, yet you do not demand anything of me. I love you Deborah. I coined the word sisterfriend so I will know what to call Bella. I truly wish she was my sister but then I realized she is, we just don't have the same mother. You are my sisterfriend.

Ces Adorio said...

You know, I have five sisters and I love all of them, very much. One day I asked my Mother if it is okay to love a friend like a sister (I was in college) and if I loved someone outside of the family, does it undermine my love for my sisters, because I love the others too? She told me that I should love my friend like she was my sister, not in lieu of my sisters. She told me about friendship of virtue. Aristotle wrote about that. That is what friends who truly love each other do, because it makes the beloved one happy. You love someone because it is good for the person you love, not because it is good for you. You know, that's what a Mother's love is. You know that. You reminded me.

kj said...

Deb, I can hear cat Stevens singing this, one of my favorites.

I read your post about Renee and I was happy for you.
I'll bet she will come again too


yoborobo said...

I love these words. :) You have some very pretty flowers growing there...I think I might beat Anne and steal them first (that scythe is handy, but it will slow her down some). ;) I hope you are having a fabulous weekend - we are getting SUNSHINE! xox! Pam

LissaBee Creations said...

Hi Deborah, I flew over to say thank you for visiting my blog. I love your cannas. Beautiful! And how you posted your tree canopy photo upside down. Very ingenious!

Are you enjoying Kelly Rae's e-course? I am, but it is really hard for me to keep up with all of the comments. I am looking forward to this week's wrap-up today.

I hope you have a beautiful day.


Butterfly Works said...

Thank you for such a sweet reminder of all that is beautiful in this world....sometimes we seem to focus on the "ugly stuff going on" instead of all that is good and glorious.....I can just tell you have a heart of gold.....
Hugs and blessings

Unknown said...

oh my heavens!!! this is a glorious morning indeed!!! thank you so much for the sweet Anniversary are the sweetest!!!


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh! beautiful like a symphony. I hear Cat Steven's clear clean reminiscent voice. Perfect!

Shirley said...

Deborah - what a lovely, lovely post. The beauty of those flowers being celebrated are definitely worthy of praise and a long moment to pause and reflect.

Love the cake that you posted in celebration of Ces! She is such a sweetie pie/nut! and it was just so awesome to celebrate her with the large breakfast in bed and tiny shoes. : )

THANK YOU for your kind visit! I shall be back!

Angie Muresan said...

What lovely photos, Deborah! Have a blessed weekend. :)

Kellie Collis said...

Gorgeous blooms! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! x

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

deborah...what amazing flowers and the song goes so beautifully with them...thank you for making me smile...just stopping by from a pause in our flying lessons to say hello and say i am so happy to connect with you...

Blessings, R

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