Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Hot time, summer in the desert city

100_3450_00Some of my plants ain’t lookin’ too pretty.


Cool town, evening in the city,
Dressing so fine and looking so pretty.


Cool cat, looking for a kitty
Gonna look in every corner of the city.

Oh. Sorry. I think the heat has gotten to me.

It’s a  L  O  N  G,  HOT  summer here in the desert.




Kaerie Faerie said...

the kitty looks cool, it is hot here too, and most of my plants bit it a while ago, I give up on gardening in Central Florida, I'm thinking about putting in a pool and bricking the whole back yard YEEHAA
Besides I saw too many snakes in the bushes today EEEKKK


yoborobo said...

Oooh, your kitty is beautiful. What a great picture. And my mind is mush. Kind of like a chocolate pudding, only the kind made with splenda. See? I'm on track. ;) xoxo!! Pam

Rick said...

hot child in the city; dang i love that song! thanks for the ear worm. And you must stop referring to the good Captain as Kitty!
I insist. Slide over, I need a drink! ~rick

audrey said...

It's hot everywhere, Deb. We are ALL looking forward to Fall this year just to get a breather from this constant heat!
My brother, in Texas, was at 107 yesterday and 102 today. Not sure I would live through that.
My plants are not as pretty as they usually are either ~ heat stress. Maybe next year.
Keep cool, my friend.
LOVE the song ~ kitty looks calm and cool.
♥ audrey

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I hope you get a cool breeze soon...you need it! lol :)

Unknown said...

We are having a hot summer here too,
no complaints as they are rather short lived .

It must be a struggle keeping your yard looking so lush.

Rhonda Roo said...

in the summer, in the city, i have heatstroke, it's a pity....

:p OK that's it. This New Year's I call dibs on Deb for Karaoke showdown in the back yard round the bonfire

You did say you were coming right?
PS Ridiculous heat, making everything wilt-i call it slightly maddening with a touch of oven. Call it like we feel it weather guy!

Georgina said...

I hear ya, Deb. I'm hating this too, but that's what we get for desert living!! At least you all have central air conditioning...out here in West TX, it's still swamp coolers for many of us and I might as well just sit under a ceiling fan for all that's working out!! LOL

Have a wonderful week.


PoetessWug said...

I recognize those lyrics..and the look of your plant! My potted plants are looking the same! LOL

~Babs said...

Well, the desert can't be any worse than here.
One hundred ten on my patio today,,,of course there's lots of concrete, but still,,,,.
I haven't even wanted to find out what the "real feel" is.
Come on fall,,,,to all!

rebecca said...

my darling....i will be at vendor day all saturday.
oh please do come, and let me hug you in public!


Ces Adorio said...

It's hot everywhere except where I am sitting right now...in an air-conditioned room drawing a Quercus dumosa leaf!

Manon said...

It's hot, hot, hot everywhere. At least it's not humid there!! xo