Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday Destination Vacay

100_3515 Sunday we set off in search of a wee bit of fun and found ourselves at Westgate in Glendale, Arizona. 

100_3500It was quite hot but the water features helped cool it down a bit.

100_3507  Loved these tiled benches.

100_3511 100_3513An AZ Bar...

100_3512With this sign above it.  teehee 

100_3505The Brawny Man had something else in mind . . .

100_3497Jimmy Buffett’s MARGARITAVILLE!

  100_3495 I am SO finding an Adirondack chair and painting it exactly like this.


I wanted to eat in a boat.  This one was the Margaritavich.

Actually, I want the mister to build one next to the Cantina.

100_3468 It was such a FUN place.  We felt like we were on vacation.

100_3473Little flashback to the old rumor that California was going to drop off into the ocean with the next big quake and Arizona would have beachfront property. 

Picnik collage Do not attempt this at home.  We are professionals and know how to walk it off.

100_3484_00Oh yes we did!

Picnik collage 2  Final outcome:  Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville

Two Thumbs Up.

Sunday destination vacay was such a success we’ve already planned the next one.

Jerome, the ghost town.

To be continued.



Ces Adorio said...

Aaaaw! You are such a beautiful couple! The Brawny Man even posed for you. What a reat sport. Deborah, you look so adorable, lovely, beautiful. My my! You are sooo beautiful. Love to see you both happy and smiling surrounded by color. What a fun place.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

♥♥♥LUV♥♥♥ all the pics!!!
We used to eat at Jimmy Buffet's in the French Quarter---decor was different but the food was always good. I miss going there, so eventhough your pics are from AZ, it is a little reminder! ;)
I can tell you both had a great time!


yoborobo said...

Deb! You and your hubby look like models! How gorgeous you both are. :)) And that place looks like so much fun. I wanna eat in a boat, too! Such cute pics, you are an adorable couple. xox! Pam

Silke Powers said...

Oh, you are a couple after my own heart! Just look at that ice cream sundae. Forget everything else - I zero in on the important stuff!!

Oh, I remember Jerome! I hear there's a wonderful yarn shop there... You'll have to check it out for me!

Much love, Silke

P.S. You are a gorgeous couple!!

PoetessWug said...

How fun!!! I never heard of this place before! One of the great things about bloggers...they share their life with the other poor shmucks!! Ha! Ha!

I'm an ice cream nutt, so I was sniffing the puter screen to see if I could smell the chocolate!! :-))

Kaerie Faerie said...

what a fun time, you and yours remind me of me and mine too funny, perhaps we were sisters in a previous life.
When we live in a paradise state you don't have to go to far for fun, and everyday feels like a vaca
Have a great time

Lost Aussie said...

What a FUN day out and I love the Adirondack chairs too!
You will love Jerome, believe it or not I have been there twice! Awesomely ghosty!

Carousel Dreams said...

Fantastic post! Loving the photos - looks like you had a ball. Chuckling over here - "do not try this at home", he he...

Unknown said...

Oh! How much fun was that!The ice cream has me drooling.BrawnyMan ain't bad,either......

audrey said...

Deb, you are both SO cute! Very obvious that you had a great time on your mini vacation. How fun!!! GREAT photos ~ almost feels like I was there.
It's great that you are doing some fun things before summer comes to an end. But, hey, in Arizona you can have sun fun all year long!!!!
♥ audrey

Just A Girl said...

OOOHHHHH Jerome is one of my fav-o-right places on earth!!!! Can I go too??? PLEASE PLEASE??? Just last week hubby and I went to a garage sale where we bought two Adirondacks for $15 total. Yes, that's $7.50 a piece and well worth every penny. Mine are just going to painted buttery yellow to go with the pink and purple ones...sweet!!!
Debaloo, that has to be the cutest restaurant I've seen in forever...wanna meet next Saturday night? Say, 7:30? wouldn't that be FUN!!!!! It looks like you both had a fun time despite the heat ;-).
xoxo Cori

Ces Adorio said...

I love your new avatar!

Rick said...

Me thinks the brawny man scowls too much Deb. You must do something about that. ~rick

~Babs said...

Fabulous post!
(not going to say what a beautiful couple you are,,,it could go to your head)
Such a fun, fun place,,plus the sundae,,,doesn't get much better, right?
"Ocean Front Property"
George Strait said it best, ha!

Be sure and show us your chair all done up!

Unknown said...

you guys are fabulous. Beautifully radiant!

My hubby and I have a Buffet's chair photo( we are holding hands) at Universal Studios in Florida .
We also went to the original one in Key West. Cool experience.