Friday, August 20, 2010

Operation Beautiful

This is directly quoted from Operation Beautiful, just in case you don’t have time to visit them today:

“Fat Talk isn’t about being overweight. In fact, Fat Talk has nothing to do with your size at all. Fat Talk is extremely triggering of unhealthy behaviors, whether the comments are consciously processed or not. Putting yourself down verbally creates reverse inertia in all aspects of your life. Instead of getting healthier, Fat Talk will motivate you to overeat, skip your workouts, and stay involved in toxic relationships. Additionally, even if you don’t ‘hear’ your own Fat Talk, your friends and family members will, and it harms them emotionally, spiritually, and physically as well.  As Jillian Michaels said,"Fat talk is transcending….  It affects your reality and damages you professionally, personally, and physically."

My words:  18 months ago I woke up one day and was just plain sick of being tired.  I started on Weight Watchers with the goal of changing my lifestyle to become healthier, to have more energy, and basically get myself fit, for my parents are almost 90, so I figure I’m going to be here a while.  I joined Weight Watchers and yes, I cried when I took my measurements and logged in my weight, but getting skinny was not my goal.  Living life to the fullest was the goal for me.  I started walking again.  Far.  And fast.  I started to feel stronger.  I logged my points, and as I began to make healthy choices with food and exercise, my relationship with food changed.  I began to see food a fuel and began to eat to feel good.  Along the way I did lose weight but that was not the goal.  HEALTH was the goal.  Walking and light weight lifting makes me feel strong and alive.  I am no longer exhausted when I wake up in the morning; I’m eager to get on my walking shoes and log my four miles. 

Today though, I had a little Fat Talk with myself after an interview for a little job.  I felt stupid and too bubbly and silly and it had nothing to do with the interviewer; he was someone I respect and admire and have know for many years.  It was me.  Telling myself that I am not enough, I am old, I should just go back to working alone at home.  No one will like me.  I have no worth.  Fat Talk.

But wait.  I do have worth.  I AM bubbly and older, but I am worthy just the way I am.  And so are you.  Exactly as you are.  So here’s the deal; no more Fat Talk.  At all.  Turn it around, do something productive, visit Operation Beautiful, call a friend, e-mail me.  We are all enough just the way we are.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Absolutely Deb!!!
And if people cannot see that, then it is their LOSS.
Young girls today are made to feel they have to be the size of an emaciated drug-riddled runway model, what is in magazines is just plain sickening and frankly, health is the main reason for anyone to lose weight....not to meet an unachievable standard set by who knows what fashion designer.
We weren't spit out of a cookie press.

XXOO~~♥ her soap box now....

Jan said...

Way to go Deborah! Keep it up. Good luck with the job, too. I would think that bubbly and older would make a very useful combination for a reliable employee.

yoborobo said...

I agree with Jan! Bubbly and fun should not be the exclusive domain of the young and thin. We need to flaunt our bubbliness, girfriend! You are more than enough, you are a kind and smart woman with tons to offer the right employer. They should snap you up. xox!! Pam

Anonymous said...

I whole heartedly agree Deb. I think it is wonderful how you took control of your life for the right reasons and have benefited in so many ways!
I WOULD LOVE TO WORK WITH YOU, you would be such a bright and positive spark to have around. I couldnt think of a happier workplace <3
Have a beautiful weekend, beautiful girl.

Carousel Dreams said...

Oh you gorgeous girl! What an inspiring post! I spent too many years dishing myself Fat Talk...silly girl! I now love my curves. I have never been overweight, but I am certainly not the skinny girl I strived to be 20 years ago...I am beginning to 'like' me all over again. As for you being bubbly - thank goodness for positive people like you - they make the world a much brighter place x

illustration poetry said...

wishing you a fine weekend ahead.
Grandewitch is so right about you, her sisterfriend :))

kisses hugs,


Unknown said...

you are and will always inspire us Sweet Deborah!!! I need to go on a diet!!! a life changing one....I have the same goal for living life to the fullest too!!! it is about health!!! and happiness for me!!!

Thank you for the inspiration!!!


Skye said...

But you are beautiful, so what's the problem?

audrey said...

What a beautiful, wise, loving, and fun human being you are, Deborah. You inspire me time and time again.
Thank you for this post.
♥ audrey

PoetessWug said...

I wrote the poem at the end of this post on a day when I was needing to give myself a pep talk! It's called "I Love Me!" I felt much better afterward...and since! ^_^ said...

I think that inside of us all is a mean ole bully. A little girl with a nasty tongue who lashes out meanness and hatred. Why is she so rotten??? So, the only way to banish her is to give her cake once a week, and then scream to her "SHUT UUUUUP" no matter where you are ;) Then, if anyone hears you or looks at you funny, you just say, "Oh sorry, that was the mean little girl with pigtails that lives inside of me, I have to give her cake, I'll be right back ;)"

I know how you feel.

A long time ago, I gave up being a meany to myself, but it comes out every so often, it's natural. And maybe I should go to WW too. I have eaten everything in my garden this summer, but with sugar in pie form ;)

I am so rotten.

The best thing is to let go, and say, to heck with it all. To scream...I love me, I love my life, I love this moment in time. And then, hug the air. Right?

Oh oh, but sometimes, you have to kick dirt and throw a fit, it is good for the soul.

I am certain your were fantabulous at your interview. Now go give the little girl in you some cake.

LOve, V

Flowermouse Design ❀ Lone said...

Thank you for this reminder - we should start a war against a sick industry that is bringing women down all over the world.

Just look at the film industry. Women need to take a lot of cosmetic operations to look like freaks just to get a job. Really bad!!!

Good luck with your job hunt and with fighting thoughts that are not true!!!! You mean a lot, is beautiful and give a lot to other people. You can tell from your blog!!!

Thank you for this post - that made my day!!!
Big hugs