Friday, May 20, 2011



It is evening now.  Somewhere in the middle east, my son stands guard with his battle buddies.  Rest well, we are in good hands.  Brawny Man enjoys a Friday night of well deserved leisure, watching a game on the TV at our backyard Cantina.  I remain inside, quietly pondering the events of the day.  I hear my grandson joyfully playing in the next room, amazed at how extraordinarily well he has taken all the recent changes in his life.   Beloved daughter-in-law rests in her room, growing my granddaughter.  I hear her hearty laughs at some silly show she is watching, and my heart soars.  Spoke with my Bad Alice on the phone, ending with the usual

I love you, Mummy,” and "I love you, baby.”

Life is good.

I have everything I need.



Unknown said...

Oh Sweet Deborah!!!! I missed you so!!! love the amazing photo tonight and how sweet the post with your daughter and her new home....what a wonderful life!!!

I send you big hugs!!!!

Unspoken said...

How many can say that? Good for you to know and grasp at the goodness with joy :)!!

Anonymous said...

Happy smiles and lots of love to you, dear friend
Veel lieve glimlachjes en veel liefs voor jou, lieve vriendin

yoborobo said...

Sounds pretty darn good to me, Deb. :) Happy weekend to you and your crew! xox Pam

Georgina said...

Just beautiful, Deb. Have a wonderful weekend.


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Aww...your heart swelling makes my heart swell!

Blue Muse said...

This post was just what I needed. Thank you.
Much love to you, sweet Deborah.
xo Isa

Ces Adorio said...

Peace at home.
Peace in the world because there are soldiers standing guard.
Soldiers of peace.
Thank you dearest Ryan.

Lost Aussie said...

Contentment in a happy home is a good thing. You are well blessed.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Your post warms my heart...♥

btw I love your sidebar photo...your hair is sooo cute!

Bella Sinclair said...

Awww, this warms me to the core. Blessed.


illustration poetry said...

HUGSSSS from me this silly with.
okay now you have everything you need! :D

Unknown said...

love to you , Deb.

you are a treasure.

I can only imagine how much your in real life loves loves you and feel wrapped in your love always.

be well and at peace