Sunday, December 7, 2008

83 More Ornaments

Just the night before, my husband said to me, "You couldn't get one more ornament on that tree", to which I replied, "I can get 83 more ornaments on that tree. Just watch me". Today I visited Domestic Bliss and found this little lovely...

Here is his adorable little face. He doesn't feel threatened by the competition on tree at all. I also picked up these little yummies from Domestic Bliss
They promptly requested to live HERE:

I continued on my MISSION and found my way to Bellafine

and picked up this little sweetie.

I didn't want to purchase all 83 ornaments today . . .

The mission is To Be Continued.

Here is an old favorite given to me by my

BFF Neighbor Gail.

This one is in honor of Officer Bill.

This one is just PRETTY.

PAUL got a little crazy today and flew to the top of the tree!

The End.

1 comment:

Renee said...

The elf kills me in each of the christmas posts.

The decorations are beautiful.