Saturday, December 6, 2008

Elf on the Shelf

There is an Elf in my house...His name is Paul.

The "CHILDREN" are not allowed to touch him, or he will lose his MAGIC POWERS.

They may whisper to him and tell him of their Christmas longings...BUT first they have to FIND HIM. For every night, when they are fast asleep, tucked in their warm little beds, Paul flies back to the North Pole to report to Santa...

And when he returns, he finds a new spot to SPY on the children from...

When PV2 Ryan was home last Christmas, he saw Paul on TV, and even though he was 21 at that time, being my well-trained child, he ran to me to tell me about the Elf on the Shelf. We promptly GOOGLED the little Elf. Where was PAUL when I had little ones??? Think of the hours that could have been peacefully filled.

I found Paul at the local Hallmark Store...or you can find him here.

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