Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who shall I be today . . .

At first glance, one would think it must be
ever so lovely to be Kitten . . .


Peaceful moments like this don't last long, for
Kitten is the prime target of Officer Bill.

Perhaps I shall be Officer Bill today
and bake in the sun all afternoon . . .

Baking can only last just so long
when there are naughty Kittens to be chased.

Hmmmmm . . .
How about being Bear for the day?
My, she DOES look snazzy with her
hair cut, just like a Poofallumpa
Straight out of Dr. Seuss.


Bear is quite old and has bad hips.

Be MeowMeow for a day?
Thank you very much, NO.
This cat is just not right in the head.
And besides, she is quite indifferent.
She's more of a
"the cat bowl is half empty" type.

I think I'll be just
Sitting in this chair.

Listening to these windchimes.

Watching this blue sky

Turn into this.
Where I am right now,
at this very minute,
is not a bad place to be.

I don't want it to be ten years ago,
or even yesterday . . .

Step Two: Be present in the moment.


Lost Aussie said...

Glad you are enjoying your moment! It looks pretty perfect!

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh and then brought a tear to my eye. I'm glad you are enjoying the wonderful you.

Lisa Kettell said...

LOL! This post was great!
Magic and Joy!

Stephanie said...

SUCH good present in the moment...always.

Tatieva said...

Comme la vie est douce pour ces compagnons à 4 pattes ! Sun & love & blue sky...
Kiss from France,

Wendy said...

Cute post! I didn't know you had palm trees in Az? Thought they only grew near water. Hmmmm, and I've been to Az once before. Was totally impressed with the red rocks.

Just A Girl said...

What a wonderful place to be especially watching the sunset in I miss those sunsets and electrical storms :).

I hope your day is as beautiful as that Arizona sky.

xoxo Cori

Rhonna Farrer said...

looks wonderful to be in the warm weather!
pop on over tonight at midnight for a little surprise :)!!

Renee said...

I think the jug with the flowers would look awesome on your new bar.