Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Congratulations PFC Ryan!

Infantrymen must have the skill and the will - not to just participate
in the close fight, but to dominate it. From World War II through Vietnam, four out of five combat deaths were sustained by infantrymen, who constituted only five percent of the US military manpower.

The Combat Infantry Badge has strict requirements;
to be awarded to Infantrymen,
they must demonstrate
"exemplary conduct in action against the enemy."

I am ever SO proud of you, PFC Ryan,
on this, your one year Anniversary
in the U.S. Army.
And ever SO grateful to God
that you earned your
Combat Infantry Badge
with His hand of protection upon you.

Step Four:
Let go and Let God.


KeKe said...

"Let go, and let God"....So true!!!
CONGRATS to Ryan!! I am very proud of our men in uniform! Without them this country would not be "FREE"....and to lose it would mean they all fought for nothing!
Give him a big hug for me!!

Just A Girl said...

It must be a difficult thing to have a son so far away and close to enemy fire. There was another parent who struggled with the same issue, but the Son was never out of His Father's grip and your son is held in that same grip of grace.
I'm praying that all your hearts are strong and that Ryan is safe in his Father's embrace.

xoxo Cori