Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Reoccurring Dream

It’s April, yet the wind is
blowing tonight as if it were March.
The wind chimes that you made
are ringing like the bells of St. Anne’s
just outside our window.
I close my eyes and drift into
My reoccurring dream.

We are in the patio home.
Your arms are wrapped around me;
I am dressed in your love.
I feel safer than I have ever felt before.

I open my eyes and
Thirty years have passed.
It was never just a dream…
You are still here,
I am still safe.
I close my eyes again and drift into
My reoccurring dream.


Just A Girl said...

Oh so sweet. I think I blushed :).

Renee said...

Carolyn you have the heart of a poet. Truly you do.

This is beautiful.

Thank you for all your comments.