Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy

Happy 88th Birthday!!!

Dear Daddy,

I am sorry for the health problems

that brought you back to my home,

but ever so happy to have you here on

this momentous occasion.

I am SO grateful to God

for blessing you with a long life.

It has been an honor being your

Baby Doll.


mati said...

I wonderful post, a gorgeous tribute to your Dad for his Birthday! I am returning to the states to visit my parents -my dad is now in Assisted Living for Alzheimer's and I am nervous to see him there---seeing your post gives me courage-thanks!!!

Wendy said...

Oh Debbie, how wonderful to still have your Daddy alive and with you!!! Mine is gone and I still miss him.
I am sorry for his health problems. But I am sure just being with you is making him feel better.
Hugs and Love,

Just A Girl said...

Hi Darling Deb,
OK I've named you that :) I hope you don't mind :)! I name everyone I adore!
I think it's lovely that you have your dad with you and at such a special time. 88 years! I'd love to hear some of his stories about life.

Happy Birthday to him!!!

xoxo Cori

KeKe said...

Oh Deborah, what a sweet picture and sweet moment~All any of us can do is hang onto moments like this and cherish them forever!!!

Happy birthday to him!!

Kjohnson said...

Happy Birthday! I admire the loving relationship you and your father share with each other! How special to have him back on his big day!

Renee said...

Deborah what a lovely tribute to your Dad. My dad died in September of 08 and I envy you having your Dad around every day.


Renee xoxo