Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Garden Tour

Welcome to my Garden!
Watch out for the dogs...
They are six inches tall.

The Green Beans are growing
like crazy.

The Carrots are coming up...

Look how sweet...
the new lime tree is flowering.

Looks like we missed
picking One Little Lemon.

OOO's and AHHH's please...
Presenting the
Power Flowers.
Love, love love.

Would you believe new neighbors moved in
down the street
and they did not want the
Cana Lilies???

So I traipsed down there with my
well-trained hubby
and we dug 'em up!
The are obviously VERY happy
in their new home.

Now, walk this way
over to the pond.
Tomorrow we meet the fish.

More OOO's and AHH's please...

This time for the
Dwarf Lily of the Nile.



Renee said...

Could you hear me oohhhing and awwwing. I was really loud.

What a treat. A real treat.

I love how you write and thank you for the comments on my state of limbo.

I would assume you know your own state of limbo with your son away.

God bless him and he will be in my prayers everyday.

Love Renee xoxo

Just A Girl said...

OOoooooHHhhhh!!! AaaaaawwwwwWWWWww!!!

Oh and what a lovely I long for running water in my garden. It reminds me of the sound fairy wings make as they spin and twirl in lovely little circles. Your garden is enchanting!!!
Oh! I'm going to be in your state next weekend. Hubby and I are headed for Prescott for the weekend...I can't wait!!!

xoxo Cori

KeKe said...

Oh my~I love your backyard. it looks so cheery and inviting. Love the pink umbrellas....they add the perfect touch of color to an already colorful yard, owned by a very colorful lady!!

Kjohnson said...

I too admire your back yard! I love all the beautiful plants and flowers!

Lost Aussie said...

Wow your garden is lovely and so far ahead of mine. I only have tiny little shoots to look at!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Your garden is way ahead of mine as well...and simply delicious!

Ahhhhh from me,

Stay Cozy, Carrie