Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Heating Up - I stand corrected. . .


Summer is definitely here in the desert; 106 degrees today. The cannas are loving it, though. In fact, they seem to be in competition against each other . . . putting out more blooms than ever, and quite a few of the two-toned flowers. Nature’s little mutants.

Speaking of mutants . . .

meow fish food

Meow-Meow is eating pond sticks – yep, fish food. Every morning when my BFF Gail and I return from our walk, this cat always has a trick up her sleeve … arm…whatever.

Today Gail and I were standing on the sidewalk chitty chatting when suddenly Not Right in the Head grabbed Gail’s Kleenex right out of her hand. Then she ran away.

It’s just not right.

Well, Perpaps it is NOT so hot here in this desert! PFC Ryan just informed me that it is

122 degrees in Mosul and rising. By August, they will hit 140 degrees!


Ces Adorio said...

106 is too much. We had it two weeks ago in Houston but it's cool here in the east coast. I can't even think of the temperature in the gulf. It's another scorching summer.

Renee said...

Your crazy loony cat is too funny.

Go cat.


Just A Girl said...

Well! Meom-meow needs to go to Miss Kitty's Kitten Caper Classses for ill-behaved felines. Naughty kitty...maybe she thinks she's become a fish bobbing up for fish food or Kleenex...whatever suits her fancy ;-O!

xoxo Cori

Pyzahn said...

Aw, I like prankish cats. It's part of their personality to be so sassy. And she's a beauty.

Yeah, hot is relative. It's only 98 here, but throw in that nasty humidity and we're dripping in a 110 heat index.

Somebody please hose me down.

Just A Girl said...

I'm suffering under cool breezes and 76 degree weather ;-). Maybe ya'll should come visit me.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

OK...I'm not complainin ANYMORE. Nope. Zippin the ole' Florida lip!

Lovin that your cannas have much thicker skin than I!!

a fanciful twist said...

140????????? Oh me, I am done whining about my heat then. OH MY GOOODNESSS!
I love Meow Meow, what a character!! xoxox

KeKe said...

140??? I can't even imagine 106!!
Where there's a cat around there is sure to be fun...or, uh, trouble...depending on how you look at it? :)

Linda said...

I love the heat, but that's a little too much for me.
Awww..your Cat is too cute!


Yolanda said...

You have such a pretty garden.Stay cool.