Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Am Not Worthy

Ces has raised the bar for me. No, no, not the cantina bar;
The cleverness bar!
By accepting this coveted award,
I hereby promise to try to use more brain cells
on a daily basis,
and to NOT be so blonde . . .
Thank you Ces, I am overwhelmed.
If you have not met Ces,
PLEASE visit her!
She is an AMAZING artist.
OOoooo, and quite a witty writer.
Quickly, off you go.
**humbly bows** to The Great One.


Ces Adorio said...

Hahaha! You are so funny! And so blonde! And my favorite analyst is blonde, blonde to the core and she can warp a person's brain just by looking at him! And men tremble and stammer when she grills them with technical questions! Hahaha! And I love seeing her in action. You are lucky! You have many brain cells. I have 10 left! You are a mental ninja. Hiyah!

Ces Adorio said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! ACK! You are making me laugh! Darn it. I woke up this morning with this melancholic mood and I wanted to entertain it and now you are making me laugh! ACK!

Renee said...

Oh yes she is. I agree completly.

Kung Fu fighting, fast as lightning.......

Way to go mental ninja.

Congrats on the award.

If anyone has missed Ces in blogland then you are really missing someone special.

Love Renee xoxo

Unknown said...

HI ...Thank you for coming by my blog..I am following yours now...Any friend to Renee is a friend of mine...Congrats on the award...

Sonia ;)

Wendy said...

Congrats! I'm blonde too! (with a little help from my hairdresser) LOL!

Silver said...

Congrats, Deborah!

yes, i have crossed path with CES, yes she is worth a visit definately!

Anonymous said...

Congrats my dear. I always knew there was a mental ninja beneath all that blonde hair. I have always wondered what it was was like to be a blonde? So...what's it like?