Friday, June 12, 2009

Let's Meet the Fish!

This is our koi pond.
It is actually the third pond my hubby has built. Many years ago, after we had the pool built, I looked upon my yard and said, "We need a waterfall in that corner behind the pool". Being the wonderfully clever, well-trained hubby he is, he promptly built a water fall with a tiny little pool to catch the water. It was Lovely. Well, one day, the car wash was getting rid of some fish. They had a beautiful huge koi pond filled with glorious fish. Once a month they would back wash the pond into a reservoir intended for that purpose. When they would clean up the car wash at night, chemicals would get rinsed into the reservoir. Apparently these were prolific little fish, and eggs were also washed into the reservoir.

Hubby brought home the little fishlings that had hatched in the toxic waste pond. Apparently since they were used to living in the worst of conditions, they THRIVED in the tiny little pool. Soon hubby had to build a real pond for them. Soon we were giving away toxic waste pond fishlings, for they were multiplying!!! Just last year he enlarged the pond once last time (we'll see). Shamu is an original. He is 16 inches long.

With a larger pond, Baby Doll and I were off the to fish store and purchased four new fish. One of them was Bobo. We named him Bobo because of his clown nose. Baby Doll is terrified of clowns, but she tolerates Bobo. She still has nightmares related to younger years, when she and PFC Ryan were teens, and he would sneak in her room at night, in the dark, and whisper in a high-pitched voice,
"Bobo's in your room"

This was Frank. Oh how we loved Frank. Although, he was a useless fish, for when the algae would grow, he was impossible to find. I would stand at the pond for twenty minutes shouting,
"Frank! Where are you, Frank!"
After almost one year, Frank mysteriously died.

This was Paul.
Paul was a most beloved fish. Paul loved his new home. He would eat algae nonstop, all day long, and still never miss a meal of pond sticks. Paul Thrived. Paul got fat. Paul wiggled as fast as he could to get to dinner on time. Paul had gigantic eyes. Paul was entertaining. This was truly our favorite fish. He was more than a fish...
He was Paul.
I awoke one morning to the sound of too much activity in the pond.
A fish, who shall remain nameless, was ferociously attacking Paul.
The nameless fish was relocated to the neighborhood canal.
I am certain soon I will read in the newspaper about cattle being found
ravaged along the canal road....
The Evening News:
"A great mystery surrounds the canals in Gilbert..."
Paul died of his injuries.

This is our current Fish Family. They are happy. They all get along. It was shortly after this, that I gazed upon another area of my yard and said to hubby,

"We need a _ _ _ right here!"

And he built it.

Photos coming soon!


Snowbrush said...

Send me Frank! He's my kind of man.

Look, if all those fish have baby fish, you're going to have quite a handful keeping up with them all.

Snowbrush said...

Deborah, I think you are right about me reading the post before it was completed. I've had the same thing happen--hit "enter" and the post is published! I then got to "edit" to finish it, but have found that it stays published while I am editing. Next time, I'll copy it, then delete it, and then start over.

Anyway, I'm back, and I've read the rest of your post. I am very sorry to hear of Frank's demise.

Anonymous said...

Poor Paul! The pond sounds fun though!

Renee said...

Deborah you must just love them. They are all so pretty.

By the way, I see you are reading my history, has it put you in a sound sleep yet?

And that was Jacquie's mother in law and thank God it wasn't mine.

Love Renee xoxo

Renee said...

Deborah thank you for all of those wonderful comments. You make me happy.

I just have to tell you I burst out laughing when I saw the Renee Day by Orly. You are too funny.

Love Renee xoxo

Anonymous said...

I loved this post, the tales of fishies!! I have an aqaurium and I too love my little fish friends :)
I loved the story about Franky and standing at the pond edge calling to him. LOL
Hello fish friends *waves at them all

Just A Girl said...

OH OH OH OH OH Darling Deb !!!!!!! I can't take the suspense ANY LONGER!!!!! What is your hubby up to!!!!
Poor Paul. My heart breaks for him and for you ;(.
Baby Doll sounds like a wise girl to fear clowns. I hate clowns with a passion. Did you see the movie Poltergeist? If you did and if you remember the scary clown from the movie...I had one just like it and was terrified by it. I knew that when I went to bed each evening it woke from it's evil slumber to terrorize all my stuffed animals. I wonder what happened to that clown? Come to think of it, I don't care!!!

Happy Saturday sweet friend.

xoxo Cori

KeKe said...

Having fish around is so relaxing isn't it? I used to have a Koi pond when I lived in Fl. And while we had other creatures lving in it too...some by choice, while some were invadeders, it was nice to peek into to meditate.

Renee said...

Deborah can you imagine if I wrote two stories a day. People would be 'it is bad enough she writes almost every day.'

har har

Love you.

Renee xoxox

Kjohnson said...

Finally!! I have been waiting to meet the fish for weeks now!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour Deborah! I love your fish post! How intriguing and interesting is their story. I can't believe they survived all that toxic runoff; they are so beautiful! Thanks for visiting my little post on my daddy; it was difficult finding decently sized photos! Have a wonderful day, Anita

Silver said...

It's glorious, alright ;) You're the second person i know who has named all the fishes in the pond. (The first is my Taiwanese neighbour. She has lots of fish stories too for her delighted guests..)

Poor Baby Doll with the "BObo episodes.." though.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh dayum...I am sur I spotted the nameless fish in the canal next to our house, licking his fish lips and eyeing our Great Dane!

Love your fish...I have always wanted some...but am afraid I would get to attached...and then there is the Dane. OY.