Sunday, June 14, 2009

Share a Garden Sunday

Share a Garden Sunday again!!!

Today a brief tour of
Things That Grow in the Shade
in the desert . . .
Star Jasmine
all summer long.

Again, all summer long.
But only in the shade.
They grow all winter here in the sun.
Okay. I did say brief.
NOW. . . .
onto the heat loving plants.

Lantana (Order: Lamilaes, Family Verbenaceae)

The hotter, the better. They also live all winter here.

Santa Ana grass (C. dactylon x C. transvaalensis).
Okay, it's just a hybrid Bermuda grass,
but not as particular as tiff.
In the winter here in the desert, we over seed it
with a hybrid Rye and have green lawns all winter.

Hibiscus. They also love the full sun in the desert.

In 1768 when Admiral Louis de Bougainvillea began his long journey to the Pacific Ocean and discovered the vine that now bears his name, it was a botanical highlight of the voyage.
Can't get hot enough for them! They are also very drought tolerant.

I have a confession to make . . .
I hate to play favorites,
I am falling madly in love with my
Cana Lilies.


Can you blame me?


Debi said...

Only you and Gary could create such an oasis in the desert! Absolutely gorgeous - you're soooo talented. And I really enjoyed meeting the fish. I'm so sorry about Paul - he was beauty and sounds like he had personality to match.
By the way, I am hooked on the blog - seriously addicted. Keep it coming!!!!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said... them all, and amazingly (except for the grass) I have all of them too. Go figure, as we have such different climes!!

Thanks for the lovely tour, girl! And yep...lovin your canna the best, too! Shhhhhh.

Brenda Pruitt said...

I love your cannas. And I wish I had as much lantana as you do. The butterflies must be flocking to it!

Sit A Spell said...

So glad you took the time to sit a spell on my blog. I live in Michigan...much different garden than yours! However, I do have lantana, but it stays very small.

I grew up down south and my mama always had was a fav of hers...yours are lovely.

Unknown said...

We have the same plants here in Florida!Interesting that they grow in such different places.And I love the cannas,too.We have red ones and the hummingbirds are madly in love with them too.Love your blog,BTW.

Karen Deborah said...

That is a gorgeous canna! We have those like weeds here, where it is also HOT. But I don't have any like that. Want to trade some tubers?

niartist said...

Ooooo - GORGEOUS! Thanks for playing again Deborah, I so appreciate it! I too, have simply fallen head over heels with Cannas! I haven't used them before, and here they're used as annuals - but oh me oh my, I'll use them til' the day I stop gardening! Great minds think alike!:)

erin's art and gardens said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today! My header is a photo taken at a client's house and I live in the best town ever...Franklin, Tn. Thanks for asking. Love your blog and, can, can, can I have some of your Cannas? Gorgeous! Nice lawn too!

Yolanda said...

Such beautiful flowers.Thanks for sharing them.

~~Rhonda said...

All beautiful, but my favorite photo is the blue pot with the pink begonias. Lovely color! ~~Rhonda

~~Rhonda said...

Deborah, thanks for visiting my blog. We are in s. IL. Lots of rain this spring! :) ~~Rhonda

Just A Girl said...

Such lovely shades, sun, winters, and springs as well as all the seasons in between. What beautiful flower friends grace your gardens...LUCKY YOU!!! ;-)!!

xoxo Cori

When do we see the reveal?

Renee said...

I can't blame you and if I could, I wouldn't.

I can't even imagine having flowers all year long.

By the way, I caught your kisses.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow so much color for a desert garden. I love lantana and bouganvillia (I think I spelled it wrong) they are only annuals here. Sigh... If the weather doesn't shape up everything will end up an annual this year.
I decided to come live with you for the winter. Do you mind if I bring my family and three dogs? Oh and I have 2 lovely finches also.

Sorry for that crazy thought out loud. Thanks for the gorgeous garden tour.

Lost Aussie said...

What lovely walks and snippets of the outdoors and your garden that you have shared in your recent posts!
I miss living in a warm and sunny place but am so glad I can so so vicariously through your pictures! xox

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

What a great tour! Thanks for sharing it.


Wendy said...

Your flowers are so beautiful!! I do love the hibs and bougainvillia, but your cana lilies really do look special! Lucky you to be living in a place where you can have flowers and grass all year round.

Renee said...

Deborah Bella is my dear friend, she is the lady who made the Renee Award.

She has two young girls.