Saturday, July 11, 2009


I've been tagged by my dear friend, Cori, for a “Six Things About You” meme.  OOOOooooo six little secrets about MeMeMe.  Where to start . . .

1.  I am a scrapbook fanatic.  One entire summer I had all my supplies on the dining room table and scrapped like a mad woman all summer long.  The children were quite small, and with big blue eyes they would say, “Mama we’re hungry”, and I would look at them and say with a smile, “I’ll feed you tomorrow, okay”.  True story. 

2.  I got my first white hair in high school.  Actually I had more than a few of them.  It never bothered me because my grandmother went platinum very young, so I just figured that would be my destiny.  Wrong.  With the white came  a mutant color, not even gray . . . more the the color of a dead rodent.  After years of adding back brown, it got easier just to add in blonde, for then the white roots just blended in.  The only problem has been that after having blonde added every six weeks, I am unable to speak in complete sentences for a few days.  I say things like, “Hi.  I’m blonde and my favorite color is clear”.

3.  I work at home.  In my office.  On the computer.  For money.  No, Ces, not an escort service!  Medical transcription.  It is so much more than just knowing medical terminology and how to spell.  I keep my doctors from looking stupid.  Example – “FAMILY HISTORY:  The patient’s wife has diabetes.”  Why is this in the family history?  Do they live in Arkansas?  I have to read minds - “The patient saw a retarded cardiologist in North Dakota”.    I don’t make these things up, I just clean ‘em up!  Word in question was retired.

4.  I love power walking every morning.  At times, construction workers will honk at me.  Well, my BFF Gail says they are honking at me.  Gail said she knows this because middle-aged men approach her in parking lots quite frequently to ask about her car.  Gail drives a nice car.  And she is way cute.  But I don’t just like walking to feed my aging ego…it makes me feel powerful and in charge. 

5.  One Easter, ten years ago, I almost ripped my arm off.  I was helping at church set up for Mass outside when my feet went completely out from under me just as I was swinging open a short chain linked fence gate.  I ended up hanging from the post by my underarm.  Apparently the underarm is not built to hold one’s full body weight.  While 911 was called, my personal paramedic from church stuck her gloved hand into the large new opening in my body, applying pressure to stop the bleeding.  The fire trucks arrived and began asking over and over “what’s your name”.  “How old are you, Deborah?”  “I’m 46” I must have said at least that many times in front of the entire parish.  Apparently they do that to assess the level of consciousness.  They said they are calling an ambulance and I wailed from my position laying flat on the lawn, “I can’t afford an ambulance”.  They said, “Well, you can’t walk, can you?” I responded, “You could drag me on a blanket to my car”.  At the hospital, more questions which I had already answered were asked until The Final One that ended the conversation.  “How much do you weigh?” the admitting nurse asked.  “Tell me your weight and I’ll tell you mine” I snapped back. After 73 stitches, more than half of them internally, I was good to go.  The arm never came off again.

6.  My husband is my Knight in Shining Armor. Some girls want to marry a prince ... I needed a man with a weapon and a very fast horse. He literally swept me away from an oppressive life, opened the door and set me be a dreamer, floating through life...never once has he tried to make my feet touch the ground.  I cannot begin to imagine surviving the tough times with some one else.  For thirty years, he has been there for me.  We are committed to this marriage.  And we are vampires, as evidence in our ancient wedding photo:

1982 Gary & Deb cropped

So there you go!  Six of my best hidden little secrets.  Now, I tag Ces, just because she is a private person and I so long to know more about her!  Anyone else who would like to play along, let me know in a comment so I can learn six new things about YouYouYou.  **kisskiss**


Ces Adorio said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH! You made me have a coughing fit. You know I am still recovering from my cough and cold. OMG! OMG! Are you CRAZY?! Walking out after 73 stitches in your underarm? My gosh! you are a tough lady! Working from home in your computer...and why would I say it is an escort service?

ACK! 6 secrets?!!! If I share them, they won't be secret anymore and BTW, I am not that private, you know how I look. Talk about private, how about some people who never reveal their faces.

I always loved those old fashioned western photographs. I always wanted to have one made. I will have to try to convince my husband. Maybe I can pose as a sex slave?

As for scrapbooking, I have a huge box full of scrapbooking materials. I have four new giant scrapbooks waiting to be touched. I have asked my children to ask their father to feed them because I was busy drawing or painting. I am glad they are older now, They feed themselves!

Ces Adorio said...

By the way, my gosh, you are beautiful! But you already know that!

Here's a non-Brokeback Montain hug for you! said...

I can't speak! I had to read all of these out loud to mister Lovee. He has a wacky sense of humor. Things rarely make him laugh unless they are twisted just perfectly.

He chuckled, loud and full bodied.

You win the metal!!! hahhahaaaa!! Oh this has to be published!!! Like, somewhere for the world to read. Oh wait, it is! Silly me. But I mean, like a billboard in Time Square ;)

Mister Lovee asks, as if this means anything to him at all, he is a man who doesn't read blogs - "What is the Name of her blog?" And when I told him, he hollered, perfection!

Now these are the first words I have heard out of him in 6 hours.

I made him bathe in my tub in the garden today. He worked on the roof all day and can't move. So, his chuckles and interest in your blog, pricelesss!! But then again, we already knew you were fab.

-HONK HONK, hey hottie with the blonde hair and the perfectly attached arm, you ROCK! xoxox

kj said...

deborah, the 73 stitches will now be imprinted in my mind forever more. good lord!

please tell me six more things. or maybe you'd consider doing a thursday 13...


Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah, I am so glad you survived this accident, proves we so need other people. I only wish it wouldn't need such a danger for us to dare "ask"for some help. I agree with Ces who alraidy visited my blog to explain to me. I wish I could sit with you ladies and have tea and discuss life or powerwalk and shut up.What's a secret for if not sooner or later you are allowed to reveal it ? I know women who had a child who no one knew about and years later, when it was revealed they could open their arms and hearts with whole new sisters and brothers etc etc's sunday so I have plenty of time..ok, I'll shut up. But seriously, it is lovely to get to know you Deborah.
Be well

Blue Muse said...

I laughed, I gasped, I snickered... I loved reading this! So... did they drag you to your car in a blanket, or did you get into that ambulance? hehe. You are my new super hero. RAR!
xo Isa

Anonymous said...

Yes I had a terrible flood from a suddenly broken out waterpipe in my bathroom last monday. I came down the landing, the stairs into the kitchen/livingroom. We will need new floors, but my pc that stand next to my desk sideways from the staurcase luckily surfived. I would have lost you all, my dear friendbloggerladies.
Did I cry...I needed to stop the soon as possible, didn't I. But by now it has sunk in, so thank you for visiting my blog and helping me out here with my question to the Universe: please let me win something..let me win new floor !
Godeliva van Ariadone
ps. but my arm didn't come off, so it could have been worse !!!

Anonymous said...

sorry for the wrongly written words, must be the emotions still..sniff sniff...

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

OW! My underarm hurts in sympathy for yours!

You ARE a hero....of the best sort!

Karen Deborah said...

This was a cool meme, you have had quite the experiences and I enjoyed reading more about your life.

Just A Girl said...

OOOOHHHHHH You aree tttooo fffunnny Daraling DEB!!! I always thought the Lord knew what He was doing when He gave me no children, for I too would forget to feed them. Hubby get's most his meals from a 2 x 2 aluminum window...LOL!!!!

Oi! Your arm!! You must have looked like Woody dangling from the ripped appendage, but I'm ever so glad they stitched you back together, for it's difficult you know, to type one handed although I'm sure it can be done and most successfully by many...not this girl!

It's so much fun finding out more about YOU!!!!!!!

xoxo Cori

Unknown said...


Girl I love your humor...I am sitting here while hubby is snoring covering my mouth laughing and snorting at your 6 things...You can write...Oh I love the weight answer, the transcripts you translate, and feed ya tomorrow.....So funny and honest..I love it...Thank you..needed to laugh...

Hugs xoxox Sonia

Renee said...

I cannot believe your arm almost fell off and you had that many stitches.

That is crazy.

I love that your husband saved you and the wedding picture.

You are amazing.

Love Renee xoxoo

Javajune said...

Oh you poor thing... now my arm hurts! Love the western photo and your blonde hair suits you perfectly. I meant that as a compliment because you are such a bomb-shell! Loved the super secret things about you.

Rhonda Roo said...

OK its official now. When i win the lottery and buy my own island and throw a fab summer soiree for my favoritest best and brightest peeps to come play for as long as they can stand good food lotsa massages and mani/pedicures and gorgeous sunrises/sets, well you are SOOOO ON THE LIST.
You are gorgeous gracious smart and funny. I'm just sayin.
Keep your bags packed, I think this is my year.♥♥♥♥

Ces Adorio said...

I am still thinking of my six. I can't even think of one! I am asking The Viking for help. He can't think of one either. I am too boring. Will having six fingers on my left hand do?

Javajune said...

Would you like your diagnosis from the ink blot test? You are nuts with a ray of sunshine that is seeping through your holes and spouting little blossoms of beauty everywhere. Now hows that for a very clinical diagnosis? I like the first htree the best but very torn so I thought I would see what other's thought. I always wonder how far off my perspective is from others.. that and I just can't ever make up my mind!
Thanks for taking the test!