Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Soaring Impulse

If you have not had the joy of visiting Maithri Goonetilleke at The Soaring Impulse, give yourself a treat today.  Maithri is a beautiful young doctor who spends much time in Swaziland, “with the highest prevalence of HIV in the world (42%). 10% of its population are orphaned children”.

A photo borrowed from The Soaring Impulse of beautiful little orphans in Swaziland.  Maithri has posted a lovely video of the children receiving small packages of clothing.  Maithri says of these little ones, “They have so much to teach us. About loving honestly, with the entirety of our soul. About living centered in the open moment. About walking forward in the face of the most tremendous adversities imaginable. These little children bless the world with every breath they take.”

Visit The Soaring Impulse and be blessed today.


Just A Girl said...

It's so sad what that disease has done to the innocent. I'll have to visit your friend for some inspiration! I'm having a bad day...migraine day and I have to take my god-daughter to Disneyland. I hope I survive and don't spoil her day ;-(.

xoxo Cori

Silver said...

Thought i'd better fly over here to give you a huge hug before i have to be packed away to the dungeon for a couple of days.

This post is wonderful. Always a reminder of God's generous providence upon our own and not to forget to be a blessing to others too.. And in doing so, we find that we are really, the ones who are blest! hugs- ** sprays disinfectant **

Ces Adorio said...

Sometimes I wonder how much we have to do to make their lives better. Is it really incumbent upon us to improve their lives or at some point a people must take charge of their own fate and future in order to rise above the poverty, diseases and hopelessness? For starters, they have a king His Majesty King Mswati III. I don't understand that at all. Of course we still need people like the good doctor but it seems like this is an ancient problem in Africa. If they don't have a king, they have a dictator.

Maithri said...

Deborah Thank you so much my friend for your kindness and generosity to the people of Swaziland,

I understand Ces's comment about governments needing to play their role.

However in much of Africa we are in a state of emergency, things are so far removed from the way things are here in western countries that its almost impossible to imagine, unless you see with your own eyes the immense suffering.

Do we have a responsibility to those less fortunate in our world?

My answer will always be yes.

Because before I am an Australian, I am a human being.

There is no such thing as a 'first world' and a third world. We are all a part of the same body of humanity.

If we wait on governments and rulers to do their part, we will wait forever...while our brothers and sisters die.

Thank you so much for your hearts of compassion my friends,

May love grow,


kj said...

i agree 1000% with maithri. i only wish i could have said it so well.

Renee said...

Deb to me he is and has the most powerful calling to God. Maithri is a witness to the world.

Love Renee xoxo

Javajune said...

This tugs at my heart strings for sure. What an amazing blog. I can't imagine going over ther and witnessing all the suffering. I feel blessed to be here.
Btw you owe me a bottle of wine or two- it's interest on the glass you drank off the table of my last blog post.