Thursday, July 16, 2009


storm 1

There’s a storm building to the south.  I go about my usual routine of  putting all of the umbrellas down and checking hanging plants to be certain they are secure.  When the children were small, we had plastic chairs and they would help gather them up to be stacked to keep the monsoon winds from blowing them away.  Now I have heavy metal chairs.   It seems there is less to ready for the storm now.

storm 2

I have another routine I do to prepare for another type of storm.   Every time I know that PFC Ryan will be going on a mission, I begin with prayer, relinquishing him back to the Loving God who gave him to me.  I did not send my son off to war to die; I sent him off to become the man he wants to be.   I rest in the comfort of God for a while,  but little by little, I take things back into my own hands and mind, and soon I am remembering baby Ryan, my Boo, and his entire life is running through my mind.   Then I weep in realization of how empty I would be if he were no longer on this little blue planet.  I make deals with God.  I search the internet for any news.  I torture myself visiting sites of fallen heroes.  

storm 3

Funny thing about storms.  We can’t control them.  We can only ride them out.  The outcome will be what it will be, regardless of worry, tears, or deals with God.  See the rainbow?  PFC Ryan is once again safe and sound.

Blessed be God forever, Blessed be His Holy Name.


Silver said...


I wish i can just zoom there right now and hug you really tight.

You are one incredibly positive amazing super duper mommy.

Just A Girl said...

No matter what storms rage, you and PFC Ryan are right where you're supposed to the palm of God's Hand. And that's ONE BIG PALM!!!

I'm glad your little boo is safe and your heart is secure ;-).

xoxo Cori

Anonymous said...

Hello Deborah, I can see it: the rainbow, after the storm and your fear and prayers. I'm sorry: though dutch military is also over there, I believe we don't belong there. You will not like my vieuw perhaps, but being a daughter of - then - very young people in World War II I am absolutely pacifist. If you visited my Xanga-site you will have seen that in My Town we have the KMA, Royal militairy academy for officers and high staff. I really had enormous discussions with my son Merlijn to keep him from going there. I really deeply believe a son must never do this to his mother. Over here we are told that where the americans go there to kill dutch go there to re-build...eitherway: all men return damaged from such a country and such a battleground. I feel sorry that you will have to go through many more storms, but be sure: I will pray for your son and you along the way, my friend.
Thank you for sharing. Be well.
Godeliva van Ariadone

Renee said...

Thank you God.

Okay, I just want him to come home now. And then he can sit with you and look to the sky for the only kind of storm he will ever have to face again.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Lost Aussie said...

I know exactly what you mean!!
And rest assured you and your Ryan are on our prayer list too!

Rhonda Roo said...

God loves you and Boo and so
PS Storms are a good place for raw release.

PSS Have I mentioned how lovely you are? xoxoxox

kj said...

deborah, there is so much to say. first your photos are stunningly beautiful. incredible.

then, your son pfc ryan. i am not too religious but i am sure a loving spirit watches over him. i think "god dwells within you as you". i will be so happy to know he is back with you and you are spoiling him.

and finally, i love your spirit and gutsiness. you are not afraid to be yourself and LIVE. that makes you double fun on vacation and a terrific blog mate. i like visiting you.

prayers from me through you to pfc ryan. he is shielded by love.

Sujata said...


Very nice post!

Javajune said...

Your post is so fitting for me, I'm having a bad day and came to see you 'cause you always make me feel better. I think you read my mind and you also made me realize there are more important things to worry about.

Javajune said...

Oh and I forgot to say I will say a prayer for your Ryan and all the other Ryans out there. xo-jj

Wendy said...

Dear Deborah, what a difficult path you tread - your dear son a soldier. He is in God's hands, as are we all.
Hugs and blessings.
I'm glad he is safe. And your rainbow pic is spectacular.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures, i love storms, they make me feel small, and they make me realise that all i can be in this world is 'love' and accepting in all that comes my way, good or bad, that i can only control so much in my life, but that faith is what is needed to get me through and that love, true compaasionate love will allow me to face anything.
Yay for you and yay for boo!
Very good news :)

Ces Adorio said...

Ah! I meant to comment on this post yesterday. Did it rain? I wish it did here today. It threatened to rain - what a chicken. It got scared. The radio announced we were having a cool front - the temperature was 92F which is cooler than 98F! Hell!