Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dear Weight Watchers On Line

It is true that I needed you. Having grown up skinny enough to be used for the Feed the Children campaign, I had no idea of what a calorie was . . . I was blessed with the metabolism of a hummingbird, consuming three times my body weight daily and never gaining an ounce. Even in pregnancy I was underweight and instructed to increase my caloric intake. Thus was my life until I reached

a certain age.

When I signed up with you a five months ago, I wept when I entered my measurements. I even asked Alice, “Who has boobs that big”? Her reply, “Apparently you”. My hand twitched, but I did not slap her.

I have been ever so faithful to you, Weight Watchers On Line. I quickly learned that simply because I say just one cookie will not count, that it does count. I admitted to myself that I was eating enough to sustain two large linebackers. Points entered my mind before placing a morsel in my mouth. I adapted, I changed my eating habits, I walked walked walked, lifted weights, and performed squats as I brushed my teeth. I got Funky with Twitch. I can even sort of jump. I am so close to my goal and I know I will get there. Because of you.


This week, our relationship changed when I signed in and you said this:

Give me a break!


kj said...

ah favorite dancer, i am a ww girl also. i went to weekly meetings and lost what i needed to. this time around i'm doing south beach and i am forty pounds lighter, well, that is before i gained 10 back due to an overactive summer!

you and your boobs made me laugh. me too, deb. that is one of my favorite goals: give me my old breasts back! okay, it won't hurt to be healthier and glide around more easily either.

so this is how ww online tells you what you already know. too funny. but keep it up: you are beautiful already and you'll be only more so.

ps. still want to hear about your dancing days.


Just A Girl said...

Oh! Are you talking about THAT white box? I thinks it's just because it's a jpg. image. Do you have an eraser in elements? Try erasing the background and see if that works.
4 0z. Darling Deb? How rude of him to even acknowledge 4 oz. I'd say that's grounds for the "silent treatment." That should show that counter not to treat you like that ;-).
Here, I'll give you a cookie to make you feel's chocolate chip...yummy!!!!

xoxo Cori

Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah, when I started out s a dancer my weight was - think European for a moment _ 51 kilo's....When my third baby was almost born my weight was: 80 kilo's.
Did I cry...and now, being 53 years old, within three months I grew an extra chin....see me on my XANGA weblog...follow the path of the pink tulips.....
Dear Deborah: I will start a 1000 calories diet tomorrow ( no seriously ): I will replace my bread, my cookies and all of that with fruit yoghurt. I will drink my class of wine a day for my blood pressure and I will move move move.....When will I blog ??? IN YOUR DREAMS...don't you ever try to sit down when after fifty...or you will show your weight AND your age...
I am crying, Deborah, I really am....but so are great sportsmen/women, great dancers that are ex-dancer nows, GREAT WIVEs AND GREAT MOMS, GREAT WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!! So...when we are healthy we should we thankfull. Send the weight wathcers on line to ....Jezus went to the desert and was cruisified anyway, so....I read you girl, but....LOVE you love your own !!!

Unknown said...

Ahhhhh-I was just like you,when I was younger,and still like you now that I've reached THAT age,plus a few more years.
I try to follow South Beach,but sometimes the Snickers just win out.

Just A Girl said...

Daaarrlling, it is looking much better, but the edges may need to be cropped just a smidglet :-).
Ooh! It;s fun learning new things isn't it...weeeeeee!!! I am twirling with happiness for you!!!!!

moocho hugs!!!

Cass @ That Old House said...

4 ounces? Pshaw! That just means you had an extra glass of water... pure water weight. :-)

Ces Adorio said...

Hmn, a post about weight.
Very weighty subject,
Even if you mean to be light,
Some comments may sound heavy.
So better not add an ounce of thought.

Just A Girl said...

Aah! Much better!!!!!

Ces Adorio said...

I fail in the weighing scale.

Ces Adorio said...

All Fat and Fluff
The Art subject
Not the Weight object.

Eleonora Baldwin said...

4 ounces. I mean, really?


Rhonda Roo said...

You lovely funny make me laugh out loud and probably lose four ounces just by giggling profusely just when i need it most gorgeous wonderful woman you~

You rock it sideways. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Deborah!!! HI! Oh I love what you said on your post. I am skinny too, but I do have to watch what I eat or else I get these hips and thighs that just won't quit!!!! I saw you visited Nocturne and saw my little rat! Isn't that the funniest picture? That is little Willy the stuffed toy and the Tea Rat. Hey, please visit my main blog and see the third act of my play! Please come....I know you will like it!! Anita

Renee said...

Love it, so funny.


Anonymous said...

A battle I know well!

Unknown said...

4 ounces??? I get please come back from WW..I lost 20 pds and then when it became a financial means over weight..The weight won and back up I went. Right now I maintain weight. An ever so battle with Thyroid disease and Ambien eatings...But if I maintain and my thyroid levels, and try to be happy with who I am and healthy then screw WW...and the mental manipulation into thinking my scale is god...Ok too high on the horse.


Jackson said...

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