Monday, August 31, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude

desert blue

I am grateful for desert blue skies and not a cloud in site, for Phoenix founder Jack Swilling, who in 1867 formed a canal company diverting irrigation water from the Salt River, bringing life to the desert, making it arable.  I just came across this fact about Phoenix:  Incorporated on February 25, 1881, the city was called Hoozdo in the Navajo language, or

The Place is hot”.

The name Phoenix, legendary Egyptian symbol of rebirth, was chosen because the city was built on the ruins of the Hohokam Indian civilization whose farmers dug irrigation canals still in use today.

I am grateful for the Hohokam Indians who dug the canals that bring us water.

I was thinking about how all of our knowledge is based on those who came before us.  We are no wiser than they . . . perhaps They were the wise ones.

Perhaps we are all very small in the

History of The Kingdom of God.

baby lemon I am very small.

I can only grow a lemon on a tree which is supplied water by canals

built by the ancient Hohokam Indian civilization.

Today I am grateful for all those who came before me.


Just A Girl said...

And I'm grateful for a sweet sassy immature lady who lives in the desert that is my friend...YOU!

I hope you still have that key in your pocket, tee hee!!!

Love, me

david mcmahon said...

Wonderful blog. A pleasure to stumble across - I came here from Lola's site.

kj said...

hugs, deborah. another terrific post. xo

Sandi McBride said...

We all have much to be grateful for to those who came before us, don't we? Where would we be without them? Congratulations on Post of the Day nomination!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for small moments of pleasure and for you my dear friend. A lemon tree in your back yard now that is something to be grateful for. I have walnuts- wanna trade? Take care and keep smiling! The baby is coming only a week and 2 days to go.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh I love your baby lemon...I love ALL baby lemons!! Soon it'll be big and yellow and...EATEN!

Manon said...

I am also grateful for so many things Deborah! Loved this post and I'm heading out to that perfectly blue sky next week!!

Anonymous said...

I never knew that about Phoenix. This place IS hot!
Haha I made the mistake of wearing a long sleeved shirt to the post office yesterday...not a good idea, not here.

Ces Adorio said...

I have been to Phoenix, to Scottsdale and Tempe! Arizona is beautiful!

I am thankful for you! You are a ray of sunshine. No, cross that out. You are not a ray of sunshine - you are THE SUNSHINE!

You are all that is good and beautiful, light and gay...oops I mean the classic gay word, not the modern gay word. Not brokeback gay. Scrap that out. You are joy and love! Mwah!

Renee said...

Today I am grateful that I know you.


Ces Adorio said...

Hello Beautiful! I have come to take you to my pirate ship!

Mariana Soffer said...

I think they where wiser because they kept close to their real self, in touch with it, and they did not get distracted with the modern life atractions that involve power, money, fame and sexy chicks. Those atractions make us loose touch with the important things, make us twist in a wrong way our value system.
Then what happens is that:
We seek solace in the physical. We buy what we don't need, because it is supposed to make us feel good. We work harder to buy more, because it may make us feel better. Safer. In the process, we become alienated from our families. We spend too much time at the office, we have too much work pressure which we hope will translate into money and purchasing power and ultimately, safety from financial anxiety.

Cities are disintegrating, Developing a strong sense of community is crucial and “culture” is one of the important elements that can contribute to such a development. As cities expand, people of various ethnicities or social groups are thrown together into sharing a crowded space, and this often either forces them to abandon their identities or forces them to cling to their identities unreasonably for what they perceive as survival. The former encourages anonymity, whereas the latter fosters divides among various groups. Neither way is positive to the development of an urban city, because anonymity may create depression.
You can check the rest:
Hope you are interested in what I said, because I like the subject of your post a lot.

Take care

Ces Adorio said...

Alright! Go Mariana Go! I spend too much time at the office *sigh*. Take me away! Take me away!

Ces Adorio said...

Ah you know who was before my time? Ferdinand Magellan! Alas! He landed on Mactan and immediately got beheaded by Lapu Lapu! ACK!

Ces Adorio said...

No! No! No! It's all tangential. But he truly did behead Magellan. I of course am an admirer of Magellan, a great navigator and a leader but I also love shard knives. You know who is my favorite artist? Artemisia Gentileschi: because she was a mater among masters except she was a woman so she was better than the men but she was a woman nevertheless. This is my favorite painting:

Ces Adorio said...

I mean sharp knives.

Anonymous said...

I love the blue sky of deserts. I miss the sun that grows citrus fruits. Congrats on POTD

Anonymous said...

Dear Deborah, Hmmmm, I don't remember starting a new blog. What is the name of it. Perhaps I have multiple personalities and one of my alter egoes started it. That's weird! Was it listed in blogger or wordpress? Did it let you go to my javajune blog? Let me know if you find it. I'll do some investigating if I ever get the time. Hugs and kisses right back at ya... jj