Wednesday, September 2, 2009

After the Storm


The desert can be quite fickle; from clear blue skies to this.   Lightening lit up the sky all night; enough thunder to cause the little dogs to dive under the bed covers.

And rain.


I woke to puddles and tree branches in the street.  The pretty pink are bougainvillea leaves floating in rain water along the curb.  A lone pinecone was blown out of the tree and landed perfectly upright.  Pine needles filled some gutters along my walk.

mushroom The moisture seems to have stimulated the earth.  For a moment I thought that I had seen a little Elfin run and hide underneath.

palm blue sky From the east side of the lake, the sky was clearing up to its trademark blue. 

waterfalls The sun was peaking through the trees.

lamp And a long legged lady wore a lamp shade in the window of a neighboring home.

tee hee

sprinkler 1Only in the desert do the sprinklers still need to run after a rain.

sprinklers 2Even though it may look like a lot of rain with little floods here and there, that is simply because the earth is so dry, the water just runs off.  We are not prepared for great amount of water here.

trees path

Further down my walk on the west side of the lake the sky was changing again.

steepleYes, the desert can be quite fickle.  Perhaps that is why one hears mention made of “Mother Nature”. 

After all, a woman has the right to change her mind any time she pleases.


Anonymous said...

Good evening, Deborah, it is almost midnight over here; I have been to the Casino with my friend for a Ladies Night ( wonderful fashionshow, lovely champagne, pleasurable compagny: not a dime spent !!! See what a woman is up to...even when behaving like a Lady.
You show us wonderful and wondrous photo's. I live in the low lands with the seaclimat and know all about rain and thunderstorms and hail...but I know nothing of the desert and I do love your posts and photo's so much each time to have taken a walk...Keep walking, my friends, and change your mind as often as the weather ....
Bless you
Godeliva van Ariadone

Renee said...

Dear sister I love the pictures. It looks so awesome there.

Thank you for knowing our stories.


Manon said...

Love the pics Deborah! I've been caught in those rains and rerouted a few times!

Anonymous said...

Great pics...I wonder who is hiding under the toadstool?

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

GORGEOUS pics! Stunning...felt like I was there!

Snowy said...

I loved the photos and your account of the rain.

kj said...

deborah, i loved that you notice a pinecone upright. that says all i need to know.

i love your blog. your photos are stunning, makes me wish i were there to feel the air after the rain came down.

and that last shot--it's a masterpiece.


Anonymous said...

i love the way you did this. A perfect ending to the piece, as well.

Ces Adorio said...

It's a shame really, that the most stunning and dramatic skies are precursors and omens of a deluge and angry skies. Still we have to hand it to nature for the dramatic displays that by the way only the poets and scientists notice. The rest have their heads bowed down on their game boys or their ears glued to the cell phones.

Look at the post-diluvian images, You know where the rage flowed through. Floods are formidable and cities so dry and arid reject them and refuse to absorb them that they end up being washed away.

It's like humans. If we can't absorb a little of those adversities that build our character and make us more compact and fortify our spirits, we end up being washed away by the next big storm.

Good morning my pretty and lovely friend!

Let us be gay today!

Javajune said...

I love, love the pictures-gorgeous. The sky is so telling. Sometimes I love mother nature's fickle mind but other times, well... she and I have our moments. Glad you found my blog post. I thought you were saying I had a new blog. I was really puzzeled and a little intrigued. Enjoy your desert storm!

♥ Boomer ♥ said...


Wendy said...

Of course you saw a little elfin run and hide under the toadstool. I wondered where he'd gotten to! My garden cat was on patrol, looking for mice to play with, when he spotted this dear little elfin. Now elfin does not like cats, since last month, a great big fierce tiger-looking cat nearly ate him up! So at the first sign of a cat, he runs.

Thank you for allowing little elfin to hide under your toadstool. I hope he didn't drink all the nectar that's usually found under toadstools after a good rainstorm. I would hope he'd remember to share, especially if Alice's rabbit were to come along looking for a drink.
Enjoyed your sky pics. Always nice to see how weather affects other parts of the world.