Monday, September 28, 2009



Yes, I know, I’m a little early, but with temperatures of 103 today, I’m

desperately trying to get in a Fall sort of mood.

catFound this delightful  little Trick or Treat Kitty at Tuesday Mornings for $3.99!!!

I know!  Good find!

pumpkin This happy little pumpkin came from Hobby Lobby,

half price for $4.00!


Here’s the little guy who started this whole retro type theme for Halloween.

Hobby Lobby last year, 75% off, for a grand total of $1.99!

scary Wooden Scary from Hobby Lobby, $1.99.

Mold of Alice’s teeth after the braces came off

provided by the orthodontist, Free!



Sherry said...

lol Deborah!!! The teeth..."Free!" -- that's priceless!!!

103 degrees?!?!?! Yikes..that's way too hot for this time of year...perhaps bringing out all the end of October goodies will encourage the temps to fall -- at least by 20 degrees or so!!

We don't have Hobby Lobby or Tuesday Mornings here in Canada, but I saw Tuesday Mornings when I was travelling in the south this summer. Now of course I wish I had gone in!!

You've inspired me to bring some rich colours into the palette!!! ♥

Manon said...

It's hard to feel like it's Fall out in AZ. I was there when the first day of Fall came and all the newscasters were talking about it. OMG..... I walked outside and it was 107 and I knew that they were!
Love the decorations!!

Lost Aussie said...

LOL I think somehow that 'free' mold really cost you several thousand dollars!

Love love the spooky gear - and how I wish they had Hobby Lobby in the NE! Boo Hoo!

Ces Adorio said...

We don't have any kind of fall here at all. The only fall we have are the real falls where one has a tendency to break bones. I am knee deep at work. ACK ACK ACK! I am doing the task that I hate the most - mind numbing typing and clicking. I am reinstantiating a rule that will practically require me at least five thousand mouseclicks! No wonder I have carpal tunnel sundrome. I need to get my Halloween toys out. My favorite part of Halloween - of course - chocolates! Love Alice's teeth mold! Very pretty. I may borrow them. I have no teeth!
Of course I have teeth! Heheheh!

Ces Adorio said...

That's because most of the time humans are too self-absorbed that is why they don't notice things that may bite them like snakes and teeth. Hehehhehe!

SEXY!??? Are you for real? If that is all I have to do why, I'll be talking shop all the time. HAHAHA!

MJ Ornaments said...

Oh you crack me up with the tooth mold! Thanks for sharing all your great deals. I wish we had a hobby lobby but alas, I've never seen one around here. Take care, Martha

Renee said...

If you mean 'scary' to be 'scary beautiful' you got that right.

I love you.

Renee xoxo

Unknown said...

LMAO...Love all the decorations..and the teeth...ha ha ha


Wendy said...

103???? Wow - we don't even get that in summer! No wonder you are looking forward to cooling down in autumn. You got some great deals. And fun looking too!

Just A Girl said...

WHat is Hobby Lobby and why don't I have one? Oh the teeth, the teeth!!!! I keep trying to remember to ask my dentist if he still has my molds, but mine aren't pretty like Alice's. Mine are SCARY!!! Which reminds me of something else I have to the orthodontist ;-(.

Oh Deb, I LoVe your little halloween nook and the glimpse into your home...very Chic!!!!


Elena_Valeriote said...

I know exactly how you feel! My heart yearns for fall, but the weather remain obstinately summer-y. It was 106 degrees last week, but we've gotten a burst of cooler weather today and I'm hoping it'll keep going down... Best wishes for better weather. Have fun decorating!

kj said...

oh my god, that teeth mold! imagine if it were anyone else's besides alice--HAHAHA.

thanks to you i will now start thinking about BOO-HOO-ing. Or is it BOO BOO-ing? i get confused.

btw, that photo of young(er) deborah is beautiful. but why oh why don't you write about your dancing days?


KeKe said...

Hi Deborah!!

Your displays look great!! I can't believe it is 103* there? That is HOT!!
Enjoy the AC and daydream of tumbling Autumn leaves...I miss them too!

Javajune said...

Your decor is great I especially love the teeth! 103!!!! I'm freezing here, You won't believe this but I just turned on the heat for a few minutes to warm up a bit. How crazy is that? We really need to blend our weather somehow. Happy fall. I'm blowing cool air your way.