Sunday, September 27, 2009

Clarification please . . .

I knew my previous post could cause upset for some, but after watching the "Vow" video, I was so impassioned that I had to express my pain.  The statement that truly got to me was in the song, "I took the vow to never kill".  If that one vow had not been in there, it would not have bothered me and I would have not made a post about it at all.  To me, it almost sounded as if they were elevating themselves above the American Infantry Soldier, totally neglecting the truth that their position of having that choice is completely dependent upon those who have taken a different vow

I am not saying it is one against the other.  I am saying that one allows the other the freedom to choose.

"I took the vow to never kill"; that is fine and good for most of us who would never even dream of killing a bug, let alone a human being, so it is really a non-statement, as we would never have the need or desire to.  However, the American Infantry Soldier has taken a vow to defend the American Freedoms even at the cost of having to kill the enemy who threaten to take our freedoms away.  Everyone knows that 9/11 was real. The same terrorists responsible for 9/11 are still in Iraq, specifically Mosul, where my son is serving.  My boy was 15 years old on September 11, 2001. 

911-2 This poster graces his internet social page.

I took that one vow  as a very personal attack, as there is not one minute in one day that I ever forget where he is, that he voluntarily enlisted in the military during war time, that every day as an infantryman in a war zone, his life could end, and that he is proud to serve his nation.

I am so proud of my son; I have no words to express the feeling.

All I asked of anyone was to shake a soldier’s hand and say thank you.

The End.


Peace Out!



Ces Adorio said...

You are much too kind to offer a clarification of your personal beliefs. Ah, we are all products of our upbringing, our morals and values, hence we possess certain opinions and ideas. We gravitate towards those whose values are similar to ours. Unfortunately we are all too human and therefore we prefer those who share our values. I find that I don't share everything with my favorite bloggers and some are entirely on the opposite spectrum of social policies but you know what? There is a basic principle that I follow with my blog friends, flesh friends and sister-friends - that they share the basic principle of goodness, the same moral principles, that there is no grey area when it comes to evil. therefore I shall bypass any other difference.

As for this beautiful image, I hope you don't mind. I have taken it and posted it on my blog to remind me every time i open my blog that I am free to do so because of Pfc. Ryan.

Ces Adorio said...

Oh and one more thing, I hate rap music, low slung pants revealing the wearer's underwear BUT I am not an angry American. However, I will not let those who hate America destroy it and those who think that our founding principles are wrong. I gave up so much so I can be an Amrican because I believe in America and its principles. Americans have given up their lives all over the world to preserve freedom and democracy.

Ces Adorio said...

Stop crying Deborah. You are indeed a mess, it's a good thing you are not wearing mascara! It's one of those things. I feel so strongly. When my country was under the attack of the Japanese Imperial army who raped and pillage our villages, the American soldiers and Filipino patriots fought together to preserve freedom and democary in my birth country. I will not tolerate any disrespect of those whose bodies line the graves of our cemeteries in defense of freedom and democracy everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand a bit about low slung pants...I understand about tunnel-vision, And I am convinced we, the Eldery, should protect the young generation WHERE EVER ON THIS MOTHER EARTH THEY GROW UP and NOT let them descide and "protect" US with our own and owned history files pur sang. But I do thank Ces: we are sister-friends looking and aiming for principles of goodness, and LOVE, wich by the way is not equivalent to "American Values"for in Europe we observe America and it's politics. See how they diminishe their president to racial issues. Unbelievable !!
No, I am of another language and I do not understand highly intellectual talk in english but...I do love my sons...and my son was also 15 when Ameriaca invaded Irak and I cried all day, just like I did on september 11th...I cry for lost lives and lost dreams and lost mothers and fathers !
All emotion: blame us ! We are women of all worlds !!! Aren't we.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, what does PEACE OUT mean ? Is is like cool down ? Then I will...

Helen said...

Just found you .... and I will keep returning.

Anonymous said...

Deborah, I really really hope and pray your son wasn't anywhere near needing to kill another human being and that he will return as a whole and not a shattered man. I am sure that you pray for that too. You are in my heart.

Ces Adorio said...

Deborah, your blog is sooooo political. Heheheheh!

I don't know what Ariadone is disagreeing with me about?

This post is about the American soldier as peacemaker.

I did not say goodness is solely an American virtue. It is a human virtue. I am referring to the good American Soldier who is willing to sacrifice to preserve freedom and democracy, and what the heck? RACE has nothing to do with this!? The real racists are those who use race as leverage and inject it on every discussion. WHAT THE HECK! All I want is for everyone to give the good American soldier respect, unlike those idiotic and stupid airport personnel who refused the American soldiers on their layover, the use of a lounge because it would "offend" others? Who were the "others"? TERRORISTS?

The reference to my distaste for certain things is to illustrate my intensity but I guess it does not matter because intensity is misconstrued as “anger”.

Ariadone: Jimmy Carter said that statement about the the president’s race. Jimmy Carter's presidency was indeed a time of glory for Americans. That is if one hates America. Remember that? He was too impotent to save the American Embassy personnel hostages at the Iranian embassy yet he funded the very dictator who destroyed MY birth country. And Jimmy Carter thinks that Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro are Great leaders. No wonder their people are risking their lives in makeshift boats to reach Florida? His policy for low income housing is the origin of all this financial fiasco, let everyone who cannot afford mortgage borrow money. Anyone who listens to Jimmy Carter ought to have their ears flushed by my EENT. He is a handsome BLACK, yes BLACK physician and he is HOT! He models on the sideline.

And you know what, I am not angry. I am full of life. I am not a slug, if I am happy people know it and if I believe in something, people know too. I will not be politically correct for the sake of appearing avant garde, political correctness is what the Greeks referred to as “eating one’s heart”. I will not eat my heart out.

Yeah! I have no quarrel with anyone. I do understand that the Blogworld is an ocean of blue so here I am staying afloat in my little red kayak but I am satisfied and comfortable with my beliefs.

Where's Milo? I swear by t the time he leaves my place he would have memorized the Federalist Papers and he will have a tattoo that says “I Love Ces”.


Okay I have said enough. Unless someone is a people hater or animal abuser I have no quarrel with anyone.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you lost me here. Never mind, I withdraw myself into my confort zone. I have upset my friend more than I can even believe myself, I fear.

Unknown said...

I got your message loud and clear.And "You Go Girl!!" I'm right htere with ya.
The Eldest served in the Navy,as a Corpsman with the Marines,during Desert Storm.And it was such a refreshing change to see how he was welcomed home(a stranger came up and shook his hand and said."Thank you" at Tampa Airport.Compared to when his dad came home from VietNam....
'nuf said.

Ces Adorio said...

AWWWWW! Deborah, I am so honored. Please tell Pfc. Ryan that I am so grateful to him. Thank you very much! I wish more men were like Pfc Ryan.

Just A Girl said...

My Dearest Darling Deb,
Clarification not necessary!!!! I knew exactly what you meant and may I just say, "you were much Kinder then I would have been ;-O." It's a sad reality, but freedom is always purchased through shed blood.

Ces, you're fun!!! Buut about Milo and that tatoo...uuhhhh!!!!!

xoxo Cori

MJ Ornaments said...

Thanks for this post Deborah. I live near Camp Pendleton, and often see young troops like your son, and thank God they are defending our nation. I pray your son returns home safely. Take care, Martha

Manon said...

I thank all our soldiers for defending our nation and the service they provide for our freedom! I pray for your son Deborah and for his safe return!!
Love you!

Silver said...

Everyone may have different stand on certain issues relating to moral, social or political and they are big deal to those who uphold their principles and beliefs, perhaps from their own upbringing or community. In your case, i salute what you believe in. I salute pfc Ryan for his sacrifice and spirit.

I pray God will protect and watch these men who shares the same spirit in a dangerous zone.


Bella Sinclair said...

Amen, amen, amen. I hear you loud and clear and stand alongside you every step of the way. I am proud of the men and women who fight for us, I am. And I most definitely will shake their hands when I happen to see them. God bless them all.

kj said...

i like how silver finds the balance. the recognition of honest points of view, even when different, is what lets us respect and support one another. whatever we each believes to be right or best, we each truly wants private ryan home safely.


Wendy said...

Right on Deb! I hear ya.