Monday, September 7, 2009

Shadow over the moon


I see the Hand of God every where I look . . .

Especially looking up.


Manon said...

Ahhh! Love the photo and the words!!

Anonymous said...

Me too! Awesome shot!

Anonymous said...

i am a 'looker upper' too!
i agree 100%
everywhere there is love

Wendy said...

It's a beautiful full moon this month. Love your photo and words.

Anonymous said...

Very serene and lovely!

Renee said...

Deb that is beautiful.


Just A Girl said...

Ah the moon, the moon! Have you ever watched the moon go down over the ocean late late at night? There is nothing more beautiful and as it passes out of sight you can almost hear the Lord whisper, "Good night."
I love the moon!

Ces Adorio said...

Yes yes! Indeed! Mine is a little closer. I see a pair of eyes next to me and my heart beats so loud from happiness I have to restrain it with my hand. Those pair of eyes gave me two more pairs of eyes except the other pair is making me say the devil's name sometimes when defiance is his rule of the day! Ah boys are so different from girls. Whoever said they are the same does not know her/his ass from her/his brain. Hugs and kisses my dear. Promise to take pictures with Manon and email them to me privately please. Pretty please. I have already told Manon. My My, two beautiful ladies in one room. Va Va Voom!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes this moon stood outside my bedroom window last night and kept me from sleeping; what a light and yes, it...I left the curtains open to enjoy the spiritual light over my garden and into my room.
Bless you, my friend

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo of you Deborah in your profile..

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

I am still amazed that all of us can see the same moon. Love that!

Ces Adorio said...

My fair lady Deborah
Thou art the Queen!
Your Royal Highness
in the dessert
where you bloom
giving the arid and brown earth
it's color!

Javajune said...

So lovely are your thoughts and images and Deb I would so love to be the sister you never had but I have to warn ya- I was a bad little sister- wore my big sister's clothes and then put them back in the closet before she got home with stains on them, listened to her phone calls, lost her favorite pair of earrings etc. Just thought you might want to know what you're getting into. he hee! I've grown up a bit sense then.
Thanks so much for the link I book marked it and will savor it when I have a few moments.
You make me smile, sis.

Rhonda Roo said...

I am so with you! My Grampa was a methodist minister. There is absolutely no better memory for me than Easter Sundays, his sunrise service, because the sunrises never failed to be incredible, even more spectacular than the year before, as though God were saying, well done thy good and faithful servant. Whenever I feel alone, i look into that sky, and the clouds, and the stars or the stars or the moon, and am so glad to know, I am not alone, really, and the ultimate artist is at the helm!
XOXOXOX Love You! Roo

Rhonda Roo said...

PS. Cowboy walked by when I was typing my comment and I told him LOVE YOU, and simultaneously typed it, LOL. But you know? I do ♥ you too, Ms. Fabulosity! Hee Hee.
PSS SYTYCD starts tomorrow! Yippee!
PSPS Gt any weight watchers tips you care to share?

Renee said...

Thank you dear heart. I am hoping that you get to meet Manon.


kj said...

deborah, i am not openly religious and i don't speak of God out loud very often, but i find the simplicity of your faith so comforting and authentic. and for whatever reason the world is so preciously beautiful, my prayer is 'thank you'


Javajune said...

Tomorrow is baby day so my postings may be a little sporatic for a while. Be prepared to see a lot of cuteness. Happy hump day!