Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where’s Milo?


Milo has arrived at Cori's Cottage safely in his SMTU  (that’s short for: Snail Mail Transporter Unit).  Cori coined that cute phrase!  So off you go . . .

Cori and Milo's Great Adventure

Photo stolen from Cori’s blog!


Blue Muse said...

This is the funniest thing ever- the adventures of Milo!
xo Isa

Anonymous said...

How fab! Make sure he gets his passport ready!

Just A Girl said...

Cute! Milo's having a lovely time at work this morning, but Deb, you didn't tell me he had such a sweet tooth ;-). He's raided the chocolate, but no worries, he didn't get it all over his face ;0!

xoxo Cori

Ces Adorio said...

He got there so fast. Gotta make sure Cori does not spoiul him, I may not be able to satisfy him when it's my turn!