Friday, October 16, 2009

Party ,Karamu, fiesta, forever. . .

 Okay, not forever.  Tomorrow, Saturday, October 17th.

Alice and Dead Bob.

Be there

and be scared.


Hosted by the Amazing Vanessa Valencia of A Fanciful Twist.

Please see Vanessa’s Blog for the complete list of partiers.




Sherry said...

Can't wait to see what scary shenanigans you get up to tomorrow!!

kj said...


alice and dead bob? besides your loving soft inside, this is my favorite part of you.

on your recommendation, i won't miss it.


Rhonda Roo said...

Oh what a lucky girl am I! Tell me it's Bad Alice from the tea party, I loved loved loved Bad Alice from the tea party!

-I'm sure this will sizzle!Woohooooo

Javajune said...

Wish I could participate this time but life gets in the way sometimes. I'll stop by to visit Alice and have a ghostly drink with you. Have a wonderful party!

Renee said...

I am so excited for this. I hope 'Alice' will be present.


MJ Ornaments said...

I'll be there with bells on! :) Take care, Martha

Unknown said...

oh that looks like it will be a great party!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Blue Muse said...

I love Vanessa, and cannot wait to see the party and what everyone does!! I wish I were more together by now in my new house to truly participate in this!! Next year.
xo Isa

Anonymous said...

Oooh I can't wait! This is going to be so much fun!

Chris said...

I cant wait for tomorrow. I'm making my final prepartions right now!!

Blue Muse said...

This was a blast. I loved it!
xo Isa

Anonymous said...

What a frightful but fun dream! Fabulous post!

Betzie said...

Loved the story and the pics!!
Hope the diamond was real! Alice can do better though! :))

WrightStuff said...

Oh what fun for naughty Alice. She really must put a stop to drinking all those strange potions!!!

The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

What an amazing time I had at your Halloween Bash! That naughty Alice shouldn't each so much candy...but then again did you see that ring on her finger? Great fun, Great time...Loved all of your amazing pictures. Thank you so much for spending so time and making my visit special! Happy Halloween and Hide that Candy from Alice! hehehehe Cheers

Bonnie Jones said...

Well, that was just tooooo much spooky fun...but I would expect nothing less from someone who was a dancer and rode like the it.

jmichelle Betaudier said...

OOOOOOOHH What a lovley story! Such a nice little movie right here in bloglandia. Very well done, it was atreat for the eyes. Thanks for the invatation and the visit. Peace, jMB come back again soon,Aslo I pray to god that he gide and guard your loved ones when the are far away... and bring them home safe and well.

Jaime Haney said...

great story and party post! Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm sorry to have disappointed. My mom has been very sick and I totally forgot about the party. Great pics and your daughter is beautiful and a great sport. I really want to know what her tattoo says on her arm! best to you... Jaime

Renee said...

You did the most fantastic job here.

Oh Deborah I would love you to purchase a piece from Tessa, that would be fantastic.

But, you will still be in the draw, the prints are amazing and Tessa's matts them too. You can have two, the one you buy and the one you may win.

Love Renee xoxo

Snowbrush said...

Here's an old poem, by William Dyer or maybe (Conrad Aiken) I think, that I will have to say by heart.

A maiden lies in her chamber, lit by a trembling moon.
Outside, there rises and echoes a waltzes giddy tune.
I wonder who breaks my slumber; I'll go to the window and see.
And, lo, a skeleton stands there; he fiddles and sings with glee.
A dance you swore to give me, but you have broken your vow.
Tonight, there's a ball in the churchyard,
Come out and dance with me now.
The maid, as though moved by magic, obeys and she leaves the house.
The skeleton, fiddling and singing goes on with its wild carouse.
It fiddles and leaps and dances, and rattles its bones to the tune
While it's skull keep nodding and nodding, crazily under the moon.