Monday, January 4, 2010

The 17-year-old Poet

Studio graduation

    Light peeks in through cracks in the door
    Pillows tossed, covers turned
    Curtains open to make room for more

    Plays upon the flowers in the mist
    Dew sparkles, air nips
    In a beautiful moment of morning bliss.

    Shadows fall across the cold, bare floor
    Arms open, doors close
    Coldness melts and welcomed is more

    Fills the corners in every room
    Hearts sigh unspoken words
    Silence encloses them in a tomb.

by debby Luckey



Hmm.  I was a rather strange child.



Sherry said...

Not a strange child at all -- I think you were very creative and thoughtful and able to express yourself beautifully! And look how beautiful at 17 -- little wonder you grew into such a beauty as a woman! :) (I think I had that same hairstyle at 17!).

yoborobo said...

I wanted to look like you when I was 17! :) I love your poems because they tell me about you - you were a girl who thought long and hard about the world, and you put those feeling into words. Ah, seventeen, it's such a romantic age - all those feelings, and figuring out the meaning of life, too. Sigh. :)))

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

What a great photo...oh those memories. No worries...I have a couple of "ditties" like that in my archives too! It's great!

Hugs, Carrie

Glad you enjoyed my cookies!

Ces Adorio said...

No you were not strange, you were very created, gifted with words, interesting and very beautiful! Aw! I love that photograph of you. Look at that long hair! Divine!!!

Lila said...

What a brilliant poem! And ohh my gosh you're so beautiful! Your eyes are gorgeous! :)

Manon said...

Love the poem! Omg.... Alice looks just like you! Ooooh .... I think this poem is fabulous and so are you my friend!!

Ces Adorio said...

I came back here to look at your photo again. You are so beautiful and Manon is right. You and Alice look alike.

I just realize I wrote "created" instead of creative.

Bella Sinclair said...

I don't think I wrote anything poetic at 17. This is a wonderful poem and has such a light and optimistic feel to it. Holy smokes, though, look at you! Gorgeous, gorgeous you. Aside from the hair, I don't think you've changed much at all!

Horlic said...

I wish I'm 17 years old now.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Good Lord---you were a very talented child!
Deb, don't make me have to come out in the cold to venture to your part of the world and kick you with my GOOD leg! LOL!!!
That's were you! (I'll sic Ces on you; she's closer!!!)


Unknown said...

Oh what a beauty you were and still are..Hugging you...xoxoxoxoxox I think all creative types are weird children..LOL

Renee Khan said...

A beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. I see nothing changes.

xxoxoxo said...

You were FABULOUs and deep and interesting and you still are, including beautiful inside and out!! xoxoxxx

Georgina said...

Just your typical teenage angst!! LOL

MJ Ornaments said...

What a thoughtful poem, and love the look at 17 just gorgeous!
Take care,

Silver said...

i love how you look when you were 17. I love it more with how you look now. And more so when you gray..

Can't you get it? Oh, ah well- I LOVE YOU a great deal!!


Renee said...

Goodnight God Bless you dear friend.


Unknown said...

oh you are so so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!not weird at all....just a talented young poet with her eyes wide open!!!

Wonderful poem Deborah!!! and your photo is beautiful as you are now!!! Hugssssssssssssssssss


kj said...

you are beautiful, deb. i look at you then and now and you show so much courage and hope. i would trust you at the wheel, no questions asked.

your poem is quite good. from sunrise to darkness you start with light and cracks and tossed pillows and you end with hearts that sigh and a tomb-like silence. very evocative and powerful.

17 year old you wrote this, deb? i have questions. do you still write? will you share? i hope so.

i have wondered about the name of your blog for a while and now i understand. you are a poet,and you have earned what you know.

love to you deb,

Angie Muresan said...

You were a beautiful, pure child who grew up into a beautiful, pure woman. Hugs!!!

Javajune said...

No not strange- beautiful. Your picture is so gorgeous but what I love the most is your expession. You look so open and sweet with a sweet sense of wonder on your face- I love it!

Unknown said...

just wanted to pop in and say hello!!! and wish you a wonderful day Deborah!!