Sunday, January 3, 2010

It’s a New Year, it’s a New Day


New Year’s Resolution . . .

Live Life Splendidly.


I had forgotten how putting the Christmas decorations away caused a cleaning/organizing frenzy.  Deep within my closet, hidden on the highest shelf was a folder of poetry that once was a high school assignment, completed by a long-legged seventeen year old girl who signed her name in tiny cursive, backward slant,

debby Luckey.

Small d, Capitol L.

I had long forgotten about That English Teacher, the very young one, fresh out of college and how she set my soul afire for literature.  The year was 1970, long before scrapbooking arrived, yet this young new teacher had the class make books of poetry and cut out pictures from magazines to decorate the pages.

I sat there on the closet floor reading through the poetry I wrote.

Happy are the games

Daffodils on a hill play

on cool summer nights.


Summer green grass grows

making patterns of coolness

in willow tree shade.


The poem below, written by the great poet, Robert Francis, was written in tiny cursive in the collection of my seventeen year old self.  This is my resolution, my mantra, the song of my heart.

Summons by Robert Francis

Keep me from going to sleep too soon.

Of if I do, come wake me up.  Come any hour

of night.  Come whistling up the road.

Stomp on the porch.  Bang on the door.

Make me get out of bed and come

and let you in and light a light.

Tell me the Northern Lights are on,

and make me look.  Or tell me clouds

are doing something to the moon

they never did before, and show me.

See that I see. Talk to me till

I’m half as wide awake as you

and start to dress wondering why

I ever went to bed at all.

Tell me the walking is superb.

Not only tell me, but persuade me.

You know I’m not too hard persuaded.


Live Life Splendidly.



Ces Adorio said...


Sleeping is a waste of time. Only Manon sleeps and still manages to create beautiful art. I sleep and forget it! My brain says wake up.

Oh Deborah, first and again, your beautiful avatar. I wish I had half your beauty and haly your long legs. But because I don't I will just relish myself with the gift of your poetry, your friendship, your love for you are truly one of the very few , very few, I do not want many, women I admire in the blogs and outside. It os my great honor to call you my friend.

Happy new year dearest.

Ces Adorio said...

I mean half your long legs. I don't know what or who "haly" is.

kj said...

deb, this makes me so damn happy for you.

the poem is splendid, the message is here & now.

happy happy new year.

ps. dear midlife poet, i would like to see more of your poetry. and i'm definitely not alone in wishing for that.

Sherry said...

There are times, when looking back, is one of the most wonderful experiences...this is one of them. Loved this post...and the mantra to live life spendidly!!! ♥

Manon said...

Happy, Happy New Year!! I adore your poems.... so wonderful of you to share them with us!!
Live Life Splendidly my dear friend!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Write my dear girl, WRITE!!! (to hell with the cleaning---we can't see it in blogland)
But we could enjoy your lovely words and photos too!! hint! hint! :D


yoborobo said...

Hi Deb!! Happy New Year to you, my friend, the poet. I love that you had a teacher that inspired you to write such sweet words, and I truly love that poem by Robert Francis. I will hold it in my heart. :) I remember those days, writing poetry in notebooks, and drawing in the margins. Wasn't that just yesterday? :) xoxo Pam

Just A Girl said...

Living life splendidly! I like that!! I like it a lot and think I'll adopt it for myself for this year...a splendid year! To live life as if each day came wrapped in a beautiful pink bow and was mine to unwrap or linger over with sweet anticipation of what each day will bring.
You my beloved friendling are the most splendid friend a girl could be gifted with and I'm thankful you and I an live in this little bloggy world together where our hearts can be filled with such wondrous things.

Happy splendid thoughts!!
xoxo cori

Anonymous said...

thanks for share..................................................

Alexandra MacVean said...

Deb, I totally love your writing. You have talent! :) Happy New Year to you. May it bring you and your fam the best there is. :)

Bella Sinclair said...

Brand spankin' new year! How fabulous to find your poetry again. I recently unearthed a bunch of old letters from college, but I'm not sure I want to read those. Live Life Splendidly, absolutely! And I promise not to freak out or sleepily whack you in the face if you wake me up in the middle of the night to show me something splendid. ;)

Javajune said...

The photos are gorgeous as is the poetry. I love putting up christmas decor but hate putting it away. The moon over the desert pic makes me long for barefoot days. I'm looking out my window, right now, watching the snow pile up around the porch. It's so quiet and serene, if only snow could be warm and snuggly like a blanket then I could love winter.
I love my visits with you!!!
Happy New Year!!!

Unknown said...

oh so wonderful Deborah!!! your blog always makes me warm and toasty!!! unlike the weather here...freezing!!!


Manon said...

I'm in AZ with my parents.... yikes!! I'll call you tomorrow!! Weather is awesome..... so glad I'm here.....yay!! said...

HAppppppy New YEAR!!! xoxxx

Anonymous said...

For some reason that has me in tears. Sigh... How breathtakingly beautiful