Friday, January 22, 2010

Rainy Friday


 Hey Dee, it’s Deb!  Barely sprinklin’ out there...want to get in our three miles?


We get two blocks from home and it’s pouring, sweatshirts heavy with rain.

We didn’t do our three miles today.

But it’s Friday,

and we WILL do our two Margaritas tonight.

It’s all good.



Ces Adorio said...

Oh boy, you are a die-hard. I am walking today in the parking garage. I have been walking everyday for two weeks. Pretty soon I will be in Arizona. I have been reading about the rain in California and Arizona. Hope it stops soon. Enjoy the day anyway, I know you will. Chakka chakka - it's Friday and I am not on call!!! Yipeee!!!

Just A Girl said...

Oh you finally got the rain! I talked to my meemeech (mom) yesterday in Yuma and she said they were having strange cloud formations and ginormous winds.
You're such a silly girl to go walking in the rain and I hope you don't catch cold. Guess you'll have to add more ta-kill-ya to those margaritas to ward off the cold...hee hee ;-).
Happy warm day my darling Blonde One!
xoxo cori

Just A Girl said...

I forgot to mention how I LoVe your font!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'm all for the SECOND dose of therapy....the crinks, tho if I was there I would have to request a martini! (or heck, a New Orleans beer would do....nice Abita Amber or Blackened Voodoo....YUM!!!!)
Okay, train of thought lost.....back to here. I think the work is done for the day! LOL!!


Unspoken said...

I have been soaked by walking in the rain very recently. If only I had a nice drink to look forward to that evening :). Have fun!

Unknown said...

oh what fun!!! I used to love getting stuck in the pouring rain!!! I am up for a margarita!!!

Have a wonderful Friday Sweet Deborah!!!


Renee Khan said...

It is all good when you have a good friend in tow.


Marie S said...

I hope the wind is all blown out before it gets to you Deb.
And I hope the rest of the rain that is still here and flooding everything here is hardly anything when it gets to you too!!!
Have a wonderful and yummy margarita night and a sunny sunny weekend.
Fingers crossed!!!

Manon said...

Poor baby!! LOL! That looks like most of the days in Ohio! I saw a fact once that AZ gets 304 days per year of sun and Ohio gets 180..... if we're lucky!!
I love the margy part!! Cheers girlfriend!

Marie S said...

6342??? Thats all??? heehee!!
I know you can do this Deb.
Just remember when you are covering votives with paper clay or polymer clay to keep it away from the top of the votive or hanging over the top.
Then place your new candle in the very center of the votive holder.
I like to cover mostly the bottoms of the glass pieces. I also like to use the larger votive holders instead of the smaller.
Have fun!!

yoborobo said...

Hi Deb! Don't you love the desert after a good rain? It smells so nice! And good for you walking every day. I so need to do that. Problem is, I will not go for a walk in the cold. I think my blood is still SoCal thin! LOL! Have a great weekend, and enjoy those 'gritas! xox Pam

Unknown said...

The Margarita thing works for me!

Unknown said...

As I sip my wine, I want to say thanks to you.
For reading and writing such sweet words to me~ thank you!
I keep meaning to do blog housekeeping, it's all been such a whirlwind, I imagine that old post was a bit jumbled, so thanks for that.

So glad we've met in this amazing community , Deborah.

blessings to you , and have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

Ha Ha...u attempted more then me this week..LOL


linda cardina said...

CHEERS DEB!! i am sipping on my wine too! i love walking in the rain! i love rain period..yes u heard it...i love rain!! don't know many people that do but then again i am not like many people.. hehe... have a beautiful weekend deb! xox lin

Rick said...

I'm with you, just the margi's tonight, thanks. ~rick

Angie Muresan said...

You are so beautiful, Deb, that missing the three mile walk won't do you any damage. Hope you are enjoying those margaritas as I write this. Have a lovely weekend!

LDWatkins said...

You gotta love Fridays! Even when you are 'retired' Fridays are special. That just means I've been tired twice. Strange word! Have a wonderful weekend!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Three miles....two margaritas...Works for me.

Yes indeedy!

Silke Powers said...

Oh, boy, did you get out your boat yet? That's what it always felt like in NM when we lived there. It didn't rain often, but when it did the streets turned to rivers with waves and all! Stay dry!! Did you enjoy your margaritas? Love, Silke