Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh Baby Baby


You are the sun and the moon and all of the stars that make up the heavens.

You are my Joy.

You are my heart outside of my body, where I can no longer keep you to myself.

You are Perfection.

Your eyes are the sky for me, blue blue blue as I’ve never seen before.

You were made for me.

You are all things good and beautiful and true.

You are forever my baby baby.

Happy Birthday, Daughter.

It’s been magical being your Mommy.



Marie S said...

OMGoodess!! You are absolutely right, your kids are gorgeous!!!
What a beautiful baby.
Happy happy Birthday Baby Doll Alice. May you get everything you could ever want and even more than you can ever imagine. Have a great day!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

What a cutie!!! Deb, she looks like her mommy..... :)
Lovely tribute to a darling child; Happiest of Days today!!!


Ces Adorio said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a beautiful baby! Of course she turned out to be a beautiful young woman but no surprise in the beauty gene there at all.

Truly Deborah, you are a very attractive and good looking family!

Happy birthday to Alice!

yoborobo said...

Happy, happy, birthday to your lovely daughter. Job well done, Mom! Xoxo Pam

Unspoken said...

Ohhh, so sweet!!

Manon said...

Happy Birthday to Alice!! Awe.... what a cutie!! Now she's gorgeous just like her mother!!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Awwwww. I was choked up reading this. So true.

Happy b'day to your little girl!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

Lila said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous daughter!

Lila xx

Rick said...

Wow! what eyes!! Happy Birthday!! Love the joy ~rick

Just A Girl said...

Oh what a darling baby Alice was with such sweet innocent eyes. She is too cute for words Darling Deb.

xoxo cori

Bella Sinclair said...

Awwwww, happy birthday, Alice! Beauty runs in the genes. This is a wonderfully loving tribute.

LDWatkins said...

She was a beautiful baby and a gorgeous young woman! Looks like her mother!

Unknown said...

oh you are so so sweet!!! Children are wonderful and you are one of the most amazing Moms ever!!! they are blessed to have you and you are also blessed they are so wonderful....

Hugs and Birthday wishes!!!


Javajune said...

Happy birthday baby! Sweet and beautiful!

Duchess of Tea said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. Wishing her many many more birthdays filled with happiness, good health and loads of wealth.

Love & Hugs

Sherry said...

A very beautiful baby has grown into such a beautiful young woman. I love that you say being her mother has been magical...great love between you indeed!!!

Henriƫtte said...

Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, dochter van Deborah.
Happy birthday, daughter of Deborah

( little secret here: Het theehuis van Henriƫtte is also from Godeliva van Ariadone )

Dear friend Deborah, you have a beautiful daughter and you love her very much.