Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yard Boy Honors A Bet


It was a typical Friday night at Nandos . . . great food, two Margaritas,

until Dee loses her phone.

After much searching and literally tearing the booth apart, the phone is no where to be found.  Yard Boy tells Dee that her phone is at home, and Dee says No No she just had it.  This is where Yard Boy’s evening goes wrong.  He bets Dee that she left her phone at home, and if he is wrong, he will mow her lawn.

Dee shakes on it.

Guess what happens next.  We no sooner leave the restaurant when the hostess comes running out

With Dee’s Phone.

Flash forward to Saturday morning:

100_2464Such a good sport.

Picnik collage It’s just blues skies for Dee today.

Picnik collage3 Yep, just a lazy Saturday morning.

100_2470 Moral of the story:

Never make a bet with Dee unless she’s had three Margaritas.




Angie Muresan said...

Haha! I will keep that in mind! Have a lovely week ahead, Deb.

Manon said...

Good job yard boy!! lol!!! Dee got it! Loved the post and yard boy is a good man!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Women just know what to bet on!!! ;)
Quite funny!


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Yard boy gets a gold star on his forehead! And Dee does too, because she has a beautiful casa and yard!

And you all get an extra star because I happen to LUURVE a good margarita!

Silke Powers said...

Hahahaha! That is too funny! Smart woman, that Dee!! Yard Boy didn't look too crushed, though! Love, Silke

linda cardina said...

haha nice job yard boy! this is to funny! love the pics of dee smiling and drinking coffee. hehe


Anonymous said...

I really need to make a sure win bet with Yard Boy, except my yard is wayyyyy bigger.
Too funny :)

Michelle said...

Next time, make him wear a totally hilarious outfit! Because we all know there will be a next time : )

Unspoken said...

I LOVE it!!

Just A Girl said...

You go Yard Boy! Hey, do you think he could come do my lawn? I'll make you a nice hot cup of coffee or tea ;-).
xoxo cori

Ces Adorio said...

I love a man who keeps his word and I congratulate a woman who makes him keep his word. Let this be a lesson to all. Men are always wrong. Yard boy is handsome and kind though, so he is on my favorite list.

Bella Sinclair said...

Hahahaha! Oh, you people are so fun. And MRS. Yard Boy was ever so dutiful to document the event so that it may live forever in blogosphere history. HAHAHA!

yoborobo said...

Yard Boy is honorable and keeps his word, and I'm betting he makes a mean margarita! :) I would love to bet with him, because we have 6 acres to mow - hahah!

Lila said...

Haha I love that glorious feeling of being right!
Yay for Dee!

Unknown said...

hahahahahahah.....what a cute post Deborah!!! her lawn looks fantastic!!! all thanks to yard boy!!! hehehehehehe

you always make me smile!!! thank you sweetie!!!

Kjohnson said...

Just peed in my pants laughing!!

Carolyn said...

A funny story ! It was also good of him to uphold the bet !
Well done Yard boy - and to Dee knowing that she was right all along !


Ces Adorio said...

Good morning!How is everybody especially the Honorable Yard Boy? And how is Mrs. Yard Boy? Hope the sun is shining brightly on your lovely home. I am home today, staying put in da house, resting.

Ces Adorio said...

Oooh! I forgot to tell you. Last night The Viking came in to the bedroom huffing and puffing mad because he could not find his cell phone. I told him he may have dropped it at the neighbors during the Super Bowl game. NO! NO! NO! He said he never does that. Yeah right! He asked me to call it, no ring in the house. He was getting upset. I told him wait for tomorrow but NO. He woke up our 17 y.o. Former-epsilon I and they called the number from outside our neighbor's and sure enough it was in the carport. So limber young Former-Eps hopped over the gate and retrieved the phone. I should have made a bet!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Hahahahaha.... oh how funny!
Really, men should know better, shouldn't they?

Javajune said...

Smart girl giving her phone to the hostess like that and then making the bet with your hubby.LOL!
What a good sport that lawn boy is and handy too. This inspires me to make a bet with a shovel boy since we are expecting about eight inches of snow in the next two days.
A cute little visitor showed up at my door on saturday. I'll post something in a day or two.

Lost Aussie said...

LOL..too funny! Nice job on the grass though!

AVY said...

Cute post, love it.

a fanciful twist said...

Hahahhaaaa!!! I LOVE it! Cute Yard by, can he come over to my place with his weed wacker? I only have weeds, no grass ;)))

So funny!!


Rick said...

Yikes! I'm afraid to live near you. Do some men simply disappear in your neighborhood? Funny post just the same-from a distance. ~rick

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

A "Man of His Word". You should be proud!

Javajune said...

Milo has arrived and made his debut but there is a bit of a problem that involves a lot of white stuff and a little tantrum. Come quick!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mid afternoon laugh, midlife poet.
This was great!


Sherry said...

LOL!! I love it -- and yard boy does "loan out"!!! :)

CM said...

This is the funniest post! Love all the pics too! Good humor :-)