Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beeeeeeeeee Two


Be happy where ever you land..


 Try seeing life from a different perspective.


Don’t Be jumpin’ in the pool if you can’t swim.

Three simple rules of life...


Lost Aussie said...

B3...for sure good rules! And great pics, as usual!

Unknown said...

Hi Sweetest Deborah!!! these photos are wonderful...I have a special place in my heart for Dad was a bee keeper in our forest ...he had some amazing hobbies when we were growing up and this one made me appreciate bees in a very special way....wonderful lessons here too!!!


Manon said...

More great photos!!
B2 = be happy you have a great friend like Deborah!!

Btw..... you will never be left out of any celebration that consists of wine and margy's!!


KeKe said...

Great rules to remember to live by~

Javajune said...

I love the B list and your photos are spectaculiar.

I think of you often, you're the
b-est blogging buddy ever!

Unknown said... favorite upbeat positive friend..I love you and she will always fly free with us. Big happy hugs and smiley faces xoxoxoxo

Silke Powers said...

And, oh such important rules!! Gorgeous photos, Deborah! You just spread joy and sunshine wherever you go and your comments on my blog always make my heart sing!! Much love, Silke

kj said...

spanky? spanky! hee hee no way. who could take a character named spanky seriously? okay, i know what you're thinking, 'oh so you think 'jelly' is serious? really. :)

deb, this post is very clever. you've said so much with few words and awesome pictures. the last one was the clincher--just great!

i'm glad you had a springy day. did you plant the seeds? that will be a gift from the angels, and one special one of course.

together strong. together strong. she's left us bonds.

♥ blows jellyeans

Wendy said...

Stunning photos! Love those dear little bees - and the flowers of course.

I haven't been around much,(I'm usually at my other blog - and only just found out about Renee. So sad. She is truly a wonderful woman.

I took your candle and put it on my blog also. If you would rather I find my own candle, please let me know and I'll delete this one. I feel so bad for her.

Unknown said...

oh so funny Deborah!!! i love that....a confetti explosion!!! heheheehe...where do you come up with this stuff...I love that...I will use that to describe my brain ,....hehehehe

Cole and I are baking cupcakes now...wish you could come by for a treat!!!


Tristan Robin said...

those bee photos are so special!!!

Rella said...

I totally laughed over the bee in the pool and your declaration of not jumping in if you cannot swim. Too funny.

xox Rella