Thursday, March 4, 2010



Be Happy.

Be Alive Gloriously.

Be Grateful.

Be Busy.

Be Humble in the sight of The Lord.

That’s my To Do List for the day.

What’s on your list?


Sherry said...

I love the photograph!! I plan to beeeee a little more productive today -- finish cleaning my fridge, other "chores" and then spend some time just beeeeinggg creative! xo

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

I'm gonna be happy because it is my day to have the car and be a big kid all on my very own. No driving Ms. Daisy today....I'm solo. In cast you don't know, I only get to have a vehicle once a week at my house cuz everyone else has vocation.....I just have avocation.
Beeeee good, ((((hugs)))) until next time.

Unspoken said...

LOVE THAT. Need sun-NOW!

Tristan Robin said...



I'm ready for 'em!

I'm starting a whole new project to include in an art exhibit I'm working on right now.

Hopefully, I will beeeeeeeee creative!

Enjoy your day - and send ME some of that sun!

Manon said...

Lovely post, girlfriend! The pic is gorgeous!!

I want to beeeeeeee.....
in Arizona!!! lol


a fanciful twist said...

Now that is delicious in a lense!! xoxoxx

Wendy said...

Beeeeeautiful post!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I am, as usual, busy as a BEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
But then I am going to go BEEEE a little more restful, and BEEEE happy I am making a mess of the kitchen cooking up some good gumbo or other southern treat! :D
Then I will BEEEE fatter, no doubt...sigh....


God's Pittbull said...

I've just found your very lovely blog...somuch love on it! It realy made my day... I to am a child of G'd and love your poems and thoughts on Him and life...
When seeing this picture, it reminded me of a chilhood moment: I was 5/6 years old and saw a lilly just like this and I still can remember and feel the thoughts and feelings I had when looking at those wonderous lines of this flower! I thoughts were: What's this?!! How did those lines get in this flower? I still can recall the emotion of that question!! I still brings tears to my soul...bittersweet memories... Thank you for being there...Warm regards, Cindy