Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All Is Well


The moon rose over my little patch of earth and said

All your silly little worries aren’t gonna’ change a thing.

I’ll meet you here again tomorrow morning,

same time, same place.

Wear a grateful smile.


Lost Aussie said...

Lovely photo, have a wonderful day!

Tristan Robin said...

wonderful photo - terrific text!

Ces Adorio said...

Aaah but your worries are not silly. They help you take stock of yourself. Just don't fret.

kj said...

those worries are winds for your sails....

CM said...

True, so true!

Great shot!

Unknown said...

oh so wonderful Deborah!!! I love popping by here ...you always spread your positive thoughts and I love that about you!!!


Rick said...

yes, it certainly seems like the least we can do. I'll try to remember, thanks

Just A Girl said...

So TRUE! SO TRUE!!! You may as well sit back and rest in the arms of the One who knows how to calm the raging seas.

xoxo Happy gardening ;-).


Anonymous said...

Yes my dear friend, when I can't sleep at night and do all my very best to stop my worried thinking....this is what the moon speaks to me.
"Wees toch niet zo bezorgd...morgen kom ik weer...."
and at half pas four at night the birds are beginning chanting...I love to liste to them and feel soooo encouraged.
Lovely post, Deborah, thank you
Lieve groeten
Godeliva van Ariadone

Carolyn said...

Hi Deborah ! ;o)
Belated hippoty hoppity easter wished to you too !
I`m a persistant worrier !
I found this quote -

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy. ~Leo Buscaglia

Happy smiles and kisses

you`re too kind in sending me something in the mail ! ;o) I will let you know when it arrives-Thankyou !

Manon said...

Sp pretty! Awe!
Got your message on my blog. First of all.... you missed the giveaway on the previous blog and Ces wasn't having any part of you winning...lol. She didn't get it either...lol!
Are you happy? I read about your job.....yikes!! I feel that you're stoked about it!!


yoborobo said...

Hi Deb! I love your picture of the moon. When I look up at the moon, it reminds to take time to think about the Big Picture. :) I think I'll meet the moon later, just to touch base. :) xoxoxo Pam

Marie S said...

The finished buttons Deb?
Let's talk.
I hope you are OK.
Love and hugs Beautiful!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

The moon is right you know.....
HAppy Sisterfriend Day to you dear Sunny D!!!!
Have a great one....with no worries! ♥♥♥

I'm off to finish my mountain of paperwork....sigh....


Marie S said...

Happy Sisterfriend day gorgeous, gorgeous Deb!
I am looking for your head, I heard you lost it and we need you to celebrate with us!!
Door closes... windows open...fly my sweet.. fly!!
I love you and I appreciate you, gorgeous!!!
Have a great day!!
Giant hugs.

Unknown said...

What a treat to be here, always.
Love the moon photo ~ they aren't easy to get.