Monday, April 5, 2010

Award Time...


Ahem.  Ladies and gentlemen (think I have two gents), this highly desired award (see here) has been bestowed upon me by my Dearly Beloved Sisterfriend, Anne of El Milagro Studio.

Not by Pam of Yoborobo.

Just sayin...

Let it be known that I was NOT selected as an alternant by Anne.

As I was 100 years ago for the Pom Pom team.

And by Pam.

Again, just sayin.

Oh.  There is mention in that link of a bathroom brawl that I was almost involved in.  Please ignore that section.

I AM sunny, Sunny D.

Because each and every one of you who visit me  are my daily sunshine, please award yourself this lovely image.

**blows sunshiny kisses**




Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Now Deborah,

(clears throat, looks sternly over old-fart glasses)
You MUST be GRACIOUS in accepting the award. Pam mustn't feel GUILTY, okay????
We must be ladies, even if we do get to the point of brawling in the crapper!
(supresses giggle)
(snort! snarf!)
I'm glad you're happy, and Pam, she did this on her own. (points to Deb---HER!)


yoborobo said...

Hahahahah! LOL!! Deb, doesn't it feel good to work SO HARD for something, and to FINALLY be recognized for the sunny individual that you are? All those days of smiling at Anne through your computer screen, well it couldn't have been easy. I'm sure your face got tired. But because of all that hard work, it means more now, doesn't it? I thought so. Now all those memories of being an alternate have faded like a bad dream. And yes, I will be staying out of public restrooms. Especially in Arizona. LOL! I love your sunny little mug - xoxoxox Pam

Marie S said...

LOL!! You all, are too much!
Just sayin'

yoborobo said...

Deb - I love you to pieces. You, my dear, were never an alternate. Not ever, ever. Just sayin' :) xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

ah ms. sunny d, dear deborah of almost brawl fame and equally worthy co-recipient along with that lovely ms kj of this prestigious perhaps overdue but none-the-less countable award, may i congratulate you on your current pom pom status and remind you that you inspired both fear and awe in that public bathroom and now strutful pride and glad glee here on the award stage.

as for ms pam yobobobo, um, yoborobo, i must say she has added her own grace to the proceedings, except of course she has now gone on record as confirming that she loves you to pieces and where does this leave the nere mentioned co-recipient yet again poor ms kj? nothing. not even a quick smooch.

but forgiveness is within reach because i think pam is preparing to again sing to ms kj and of course anne is going to reward all this graciousness.

also it is good to know you can handle yourself so well in bathrooms.

most sincerely,

a fan

Just A Girl said...

Oh Dear! I missed a bathroom brawl? I really must pull my head out of the soil...tee hee!!!!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the award!!! you deserve it and you are a riot!!!