Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wishing Puffs . . .

I love volunteers.
Which is why Dear Hubby left the plant
after picking the final head of cauliflower.
First it grew delightful tiny flowers
which turned into little dots of puff.
I have spent many hours in the garden
making wishes,
gently blowing the puffs
like a child wishing on dandelions.
Tell me your wish . . .
the next puff is for you!


Just A Girl said...

I am wishing that sweet Vanessa's Mister Lovee is in less pain today.
We can make wishes for others, can't we? Blow those little puffs in the air :).

I hope you have a grand day Deborah!

xoxo Cori

Lost Aussie said...

I'm wishing that our boy in Afghanistan stays safe and comes home soon. I wish the same for your son too!