Sunday, July 26, 2009

PFC Ryan, Welcome Home

cat flags 1

The entire neighborhood showed up to greet

PFC Ryan home on leave from Iraq.

Ryan dad Of course he was the last one off the plane.  A lovely lady passenger gave the stewardess $20.00 to serve the young soldier on the plane anything he wanted!

Thank you lovely lady.

welcomeMy BFF Gail made this sign and had it posted  for his homecoming.

ry gailGail really knows how to welcome a soldier home from the war!

ryan guns   Big guns!!!

And Lime Bud Light. 

framedMama is extremely happy.

Deliriously Happy. 

Ry dad Dad is extremely proud and happy.

gizmo bar Gizmo is crushin’ on the pig.

ry 1Oh please, just one more today . . .

Please, please, please.

me ryan  Having a Mama’s Boy is a good thing.



Renee said...

Woot Woot.....

Clap clap clap......

Oh Deborah I am so happy. I am over the moon.

Welcome home Ryan.

Deb I am so excited for all of you. You have an amazing family and you are all so beautiful. (Of course you are gorgeous).

How nice of your best friend Gail.

Deb I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers. You pray like my father prayed and I love it. I felt them and I knew that you would be sending me some.

So excited that Ryan is home.

Love Renee xoxo

kj said...

holy moley deborah, pfc ryan is a doll and so are you. these pictures, especially the two of you together, have me fluttering off the floor.

i think i know how you feel: we mothers understand fully when our children come home.

congratulations deborah. i'm sure you'll sleep quite soundly tonight.


The Truth Behind The Girl... said...

Congratulations to you and your beautiful family. What an amazing blessing your son is home safe.
BTW you two look so much a like must be nice to have a nice young looking mom. Enjoy your time with your son.
From one lucky girl to another : ]

Karen Valentine said...

Oh Deborah, I'm so happy for you!!! The picture of you and your son is just priceless. You can see the joy just beaming out of you!!!
Thanks for coming by to join the party. I hope you got tons of great ideas!

My Desert Cottage

Anonymous said...

G O O D MORNING, Deborah, Oh How happy I am for you and you all, look at this Godgiven MAN ....What a difference this must be for him: into the care of his mom and dad...I see in his fathers eyes the release of much worrie...Hve blessed days....and for you, have a heart set free Deborah.
Godeliva van Ariadone

Anonymous said...

Ryan, Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd met je veilige terugkeer !
Many congratulations on your safe return!
Kiss your sweet mom for me.
Godeliva van Ariadone

Javajune said...

Oh Deborah, How wonderful! You are a gorgeous lady and I can tell your son got your looks. Love, love the pictures and so happy Ryan is home. Seeing your happy family photos was a wonderful way to start off my Monday. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Welcome home Ryan!!

I'm excited, too! I L*O*V*E* to see a soldier in uniform, but it's even better when he's HOME.

It's the best!

You've made my Monday. Heck, you've made my week! I'll be thinking about ya'll!
xoxoxoxoxoxox Rhonda Roo

Debi Oostendorp said...

Welcome home, Ryan!!!! You look great! And Happy Birthday!!!

Love, Debi

Ces Adorio said...


Deborah, enjoy every minute of it. I fully understand why you are so proud of him. I am not even his mom, and I am proud of PFC Ryan! We need more men like him - someone who loves our coutry and dedicates his most precious resource to protect us all!

(P.S.: I am in school all week.)

Manon said...

Yay! So happy for you and your family Deborah! Enjoy your time together!!

Sandra Evertson said...

Handsome guy, be sure to THANK HIM FOR ALL OF US!
Sandra Evertson

Just A Girl said...

Hi Darling Deb and WELCOME HOME PFC RYAN!!!!!
You all have such darling expressions plastered all over your happy faces...your cheeks must be hurting by now as I'm sure you haven't stopped smiling since he came home. You must be the proudest momma right now!!!

Would you thank your son for me? We need more brave men like him ;-).


much love, Cori

Wendy said...

Alrrrrriight!!! Welcome Home Ryan! Yippeeeeeee!! We all share your happiness (and I never speak for others, but this time, I'll make an exception).
Now - where are those wine bottles!! LOL!

Kjohnson said...

It's about time. I cried a little wishing I could have seen that reunion!

Renee said...

It must be a little weird for Ryan to be home.

It is a good thing that he is though.

I thank God that you have your son to hold in your arms again.

I love you.


KeKe said...

Oh I know you must be so happy!! I happy for you!!! Is he back for good?

Silver said...

awwww... i feeeeel so happy .. just reading this post!

PHweeeeet !! WHISTLE!!


I love the pic of "no more pics." Priceless. ;)

(btw, i know you're busy with Ryan- there's a tag thing that you might like to check out later.. take your time on that. )


Javajune said...

I keep forgetting to ask, did you photoshop those kitties in the pic or were they really sitting there like that? Your pets pose so nicely for the camera. Perhaps your occupation should be transcriptionist/animal trainer.

Renee said...

Deb of course I will be there. I will show up around 7. Is that too early.

Don't worry I will not where those panties I wore last time. After all we don't want Ryan to get scared shitless and run off to a war zone because of what is sitting right at his own mother's bar.

Love you.

Enjoy your boy.

Love Renee xoxo

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I read about Ryan on Cori's blog and had to come over to say a big WELCOME HOME THANK YOU & GOD BLESS to your brave son! His service to our country is makes us all very proud! Glad he's home safe and sound!

Just A Girl said...

Where's the party? Is it tonight? Did I miss it? I AM SO CONFUSED!!!

I hope no one fell off the bar stool ;-O!

xoxo Cori

Anonymous said...


i think you are going to be a good influence on me. i can show you how to kick and cry and you can show me how to be vague.

oh i know you already know how to kick because you are a dancer but i can show you how to kick and cry at the same time and you will like it.

yours truly,

Javajune said...

Hey lovely lady are you all partied out yet? I'm sipping an imaginary margarita with you and it's only 8:03 am. hee hee

kj said...

i hope renee behaves, but we can't count on it....