Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meet Milo

 meet milo Milo is a Millennium Bug.

Milo has been living in my closet since New Year’s Eve


I have just recently been able to convince him that the world did not end with the new millennium and he agreed to finally come out.

bugs life Milo has been enjoying the summer here in the desert, sunning by the pool,

jacuzi Relaxing in the Jacuzzi,

swing and doing things that most boy bugs enjoy.

CantinaI have noticed that lately Milo has been spending entirely too much time hanging out at the Cantina. 

I’m sure you understand my concern, since you have seen what Mr. B. stocks in the outdoor frig.

pond So I have encouraged Milo to make new friends,

quiet and to place the needs of others above his own.

blogging Since Milo began reading Artful Blogging, he has become very interested in all of you, my friends, who live all around the world.  Milo thought that perhaps he could travel and meet you all, and offer to help out in your neck of the woods with what ever needs you may have.

The Rules:

Send me an e-mail if you would like to have Milo come stay with you for a week.  You must be willing to pay Milo’s postage to his next destination (no worries, Milo is very small and light weight).  I will add your name to the list.  Milo will arrive with the name and address of the next person he is to visit.

You must document Milo’s week with you with photos, either around your home or areas depicting your geographic region, make a blog post of his visit linking the post back to the original Meet Milo entry.  As soon as you sign up to host Milo’s vacation, grab the official button below, add to your sidebar and link back to this post.

milo button

 Happy Cyber Vaca, Milo!


Just A Girl said...

This is so funny Deb. Awhile back Vanessa and I had been emailing each other about something like this. I want to be the first

LOVE ME!!! MILO can go to Disneyland

Ces Adorio said...

I need Milo! He has to come to me first. I mean FIRST. Not second but FIRST. He may not want to leave. I will have to pry him off me and my environment. Send MILO to me today! Please!!!

Ces Adorio said...

I mean TODAY! Please.

Just A Girl said...

Alright Ces, let's not fight over the little guy. I got here first ;-) so he's coming to visit me...hee hee!!!!! I'll send some lovely treats for you when he visits you, second...oops!

Darling Deb, as you have asked, so it was done ;-). I changed the link.

MuCh love, cori

Ces Adorio said...

SECOND!? SECOND!? NOOO! I thought he may want to come here first. My house is full of girls and women and I am sure he would want to at least meet the sensuous, salacious, bohemian mental ninjas.

Just A Girl said...

Me first! I'm taking him to Disneyland ;-) to meet Mickey and Heimlich ;-). Sensuous ladies can wait a week. That way they'll have more time to prepare ;-). Ooh there is an advantage to being second you know.


Ces Adorio said...

Blog War!!!????? What are you talking about?!!!! Down here we make love not war! Better not let him contact any STD or any other communicable disease!

Ces Adorio said...


Poor Milo, he will never be the same again! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Just A Girl said...

Hey Ces,
I don't think Milo's worried about that sort of thing coming to my cottage :-). He is, after all, an innocent little bug who's been hiding in the closet for years and I'm sure he knows nothing about such things, and of course, we wouldn't want to expose him to anything that's going to disillusion his little heart or spirit. He shall arrive at my cottage a gentle bug and shall leave a gentle bug ;-).


Ces Adorio said...

Well, he will be in good company here then with Madame Clavell (who is a nun!) and Madeline and her friends and Pepito! It's a good thing I threw away the draft evader Bill Clinton in the trash last weekend!

Just A Girl said...

I'm glad to hear it!

Rhonda Roo said...

Oh my my my. Milo has caused a ruckus in bloggyland already! No wonder he stayed in the closet for so long!!!
Well, after the dust settles...count me in. Or I will take him on as a co-host for Veevala's Halloweenie partay down south here, or Thanksgiving, or Christmas-oh, he'll probably want to be back home by then won't he?
Just let Milo know he's welcome here anytime!!
PS You are funny and brilliant and lovely and creative! Maybe after Milo scopes it out for you, you'll mail yourself to my house? I'll measure your pointsssss for youuuuuuuu...

Anonymous said...

Too funny, your post reminded me that we have a Millenium Buggy thing sitting up on a shelf too. He makes a crashing sound when you drop him on his b*tt!
Anyhow..dont know if Milo would like it? but I will be going home to Australia for a month soon, he'd be welcome to come visit the kangaroos and gum trees!

kj said...

interactive to say the least.

you make me smile,deborah! sometimes i think i should pay for you it!! honest to god, your blog makes me smile!!

count me in but please put me toward the end of milo's trip. if he's here around halloween he can meet esther and mildred, mother and daughter witches who live on my couch.

ps despite the compliments above, i still want to hear about your dancing days. i want to see pictures. please, deborah, pleeeeeease?

pss. you are needed on blogland lane. i have an idea....


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaaa!!!! Oh Milo, what if I fall in love and Milo doesn't want to leave???

Okay, I secretly love the drama of heartbreak, so he can come visit me, and I will send him off!! Put me anywhere on the list ;)

Bring Milo on!! YAY!!! Let him visit the Gypsy Theater Wagon!! woo hoooo!! YAY xoxo

Ces Adorio said...


May I please be the last one to have Milo? Today, I was informed that I have to attend a two-week course before our data migration project. I think it may be a good idea if I am the last, by then my 6 week-hiatus from drawing will be over and I can draw, so I will send him back to you with a pen and ink drawing. How is that?

Manon said...

I'd love Milo if I wasn't coming out your way!

Javajune said...

Oh Deborah you clever girl you-love this! i will put my name on the list as soon as the princess hops off my lap.
my love to you and Milo

Anonymous said...

If ever MILO needs a rest and learn another language ( only the sweet and kind words like: ik vind jou lief ) then he should come to my home...for these women above know no better...poeh ha ....
Godeliva van Ariadone

Anonymous said...

And if ever DEBORAH needs an adventure: bring Milo yourself to my home...We will drink red wine and hot tea... and talk lovely walks and little naps...
Godeliva van Ariadone

Renee said...

Hillarious and what a fantastic idea.

Unfortunately I cannot have Milo this summer as I see he likes to hump things and I am not in the mood to be humped.

But I cannot wait to see where he goes.

Love Renee xoxo

Renee said...

Talk about kissing and humping..... Any news on the wedding?


Ces Adorio said...

Thank you for the luck! Not only is it heartfelt, it is also beautiful and attractive! So I am painting this long weekend and it does not hurt my arms, wrist or fingers. When Milo comes, I will let him paint and draw!

Anonymous said...

Milo is a great idea! If I did not have a toddler I would do this. It sounds like a blast!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh. I think I love that little rapsalion Milo! And what the world traveller he will be!

I'd love to host him for a week...and I'll do my best to ensure he is not eaten by...sharks!

Ces Adorio said...

As you know I am not blogging much but I have to visit my favorite bloggers.

OH MY GOSH! Look at your beautiful avatar. You are so beautiful!!! Mwah! Of course, that was a non-brokeback kiss!

I have a new name today. I am trying to evade someone who is stalking me. Of course it would be better if I was not so fat. Look at me! Ooophdah!

Renee said...

Not kidding, I love the picture of you. You look beautiful just like you really are.


Blue Muse said...

hahahahaha I love this. Milo can come vacation in southern california for a week with me! I'd love to have him over.
xo Isa

Dee said...

you guys are too funny..what a cute idea. Cori, I've so enjoyed reading about Milo tonight, just catching up on my blog follows and I've laughed so much at your posts. Deb, I would love to have Milo come to Virginia when he gets the chance.

Blue Muse said...

Milo, oh Milo, where are you dear Milo? LOL
xo Isa

Sherry said...

Deborah, is it too late to have Milo come to me in Canada???? let me know!!! xoxoxox

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Milo is formally invited to Indiana, though he will probably arrive in VERY cold weather and a warm weather bug MIGHT NOT like it.
But I will keep him warm and happy! Hot cocoa and gummy worms...... :)


Gwennie said...

I met Milo at Godeliva. I realy think he is a funny little guy!! Has he been in Iraq too?? My husband (airforce the Netherlands) is back from Bosnia, so Milo can't be in Bosnia... But Holland isn't that bad either... ;-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) you should look at that emo boy style at this blog: